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Artist: Cap.One
Album:  Through the Eyes of a Don
Song:   Pop Them Collas
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[Cap.One talking]
Fuck that nigga
Shit nigga I'm from the Windy City nigga
It aint nothing but pimps out there nigga
Shit so if you down with the Bay fuck it
We take this pimpin shit world wide nigga
You know what I'm sayin
Put this shit on the internet
Shit be real with this shit nigga 
The game never change only the players
I can't stop this shit nigga
It's in my blood nigga 
I'm a pimp

I'm nuttin but a mother fuckin P-I-M to the P
C-A-P die I put that on a G
I'm gonna change the game
And bang your thang
While taking center stage
My nigga I switch nothin but the heat
When I'm bumpin up your streets
Niggas here the bass poundin
Hoes soundin and drownin
Surrounded when I'm clowin
Oak town and Windy City put it down
And when a pimp nigga dance he bounces
Now tell me what them hoes like
Givin them niggas some head 
Jump in the bed
Then fuck um the whole night
Oh my
Pimpin ain't an illusion my nigga the shit is like a gold mine
So I'm 
Trying to get my hands on a rock and fill my shit up like a predential
Writing around without a pen or a pencil
A block away instrumentals ya'll niggas cant fuck with my credentials 
I'm into it

What you know about
Pop them collas y'all (pimpin) 
Pop them collas y'all (pop them collas y'all)
Pop them collas y'all (pop them collas y'all)
Pop them collas y'all (pop them collas y'all)
Pop them collas y'all (pop them collas y'all)

I'm sick of Chi but anyways 
I ain't trippin I'm gone
I meet a hundred hoes in every state
Fuckin around with heavy weight ass niggas
Who be steady pimpin these hoes
Getting sprung each and every day
Mezzy, Twista and Deseree
And was some bad ass bitches
Let um fuck with Penny and Alizae
I was off in an eagle when its your brotha with another hoe 
She gave me cause she spotted me a mile away
After the party she wanted to come and chill with me 
Had her girls with her said they met us at the hotel
I was trippin cause my nigga Shawn was laughin at they asses callin names
I told G yeah i know these hoes well
We proceeded to bail nor we fixin to roll in the L 
Ready to d off in these city hoes
Pimpin ain't easy but somebody's gotta do it yo
I got plenty of dough 
And I went down to get a buck and hit it more


24-7 pimpin a day gone
Hook up in tha studio with niggas in tha Bay strong
With the havanahs and the links on
"Pop Them Collas" ain't only an expression but a theme song
My nigga even when it seem wrong
And you down and you lucky your money and comin just to stay strong 
But rock a nigga in your face wrong
Before we get a 50 and it sticky and quickly it plays on
I'm here to represent the street light
Niggas that run up and hitcha with everything with 9 millimeters
I'm runnin with some go-getter niggas who steady be rollin tha reefer
She's a
Feminist women you know the rest she cant swim so she drown
When I skate through your town
You can hit me on my hip 
and if you use the right code we can blaze up a pound

Chorus to fade