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Artist: Candyman
Album:  Ain't No Shame in My Game
Song:   Candyman
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[unknown singer]
You can be my Candymannnnn
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooh
Cause I really know you can
Ohhhhhh-ohhh-ohhh-ohh-ohh-ohhhhhh yeah, yeah
Be my, be my Candymannnnn

[Chorus: unknown singer]
You can be my Candymannnnn
Ooooh, cause I really know you can

The rhymes I write, never bite, never borrowin
And as they sell gain a female followin
Charmin like Charmin irresistable to squeeze me
And I'm like an egg you can say I'm over easy
Cause I'm not the type all hype no action
And while I'm waxin, there's no askin
for more, cause I'm like a kid in a candy store
Do me baby like I never been did before

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

{*scratched 4X: "Understand I'm the Candyman, cause I'm no sucker"*}

I make a million hearts break, give or take a few
But make no mistake on a date I'll relate to you
This is what they can do eliminate a card or two
Winter, spring, summer, I'll fall for you
Soothe you make your move, don't disturb this groove
I'll show and prove how smooth I deliver
Make you quiver, shake and shiver
in your boots, and Candyman told you the truth

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

Ain't no shame in my game when I flow at this
See I'm dope as dope can get, she thought she my vocalist
No one can make a hit quite like this
And for that simple fact I deserve a fat kiss
You can't resist the craze of somethin so tasty
Sometimes it amazes me, when you have to face me
You won't have to chase me cause basically, here I stand
And I'll be your Candyman

I want you to be
be my sugar, be my sugar daddy
Be my candymannnnnnnn
Be my sugar, be my sugar daddy
I want you to be
Be my sugar, be my sugar daddy
Be my candymannnnnnnnn
Be my sugar, be my sugar daddy baby
Oahhhhhoahh-oahhh-ohhhhhh, yeah yeah