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Artist: Cam'ron 
Album:  S.D.E. (Sports Drugs and Entertainment)
Song:   What Do I Gotta Live For 
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I aint got shit to live for anyway  
 Yes you do
I'll see these niggas in hell anyway
 You gotta lot to live for 
Man fuck all that 
 I'm sayin, you live for me then 
Fuck that shit 
Bloodshed, bloodshed, bloodshed...

[Verse 1]
Yo, yo
I'm ready to stick the gun to my head and bust a clip
I want the world to see the blood to drip, pus to drip
Crash the car crush the whip 
And it's one time I loved the six, fuck this shit
Trust a chick? Never that 
It's only to fuck a bitch to fuck a bitch 
Girl ran a circus on me Wrangling Brothers tip 
Fuck my connect, fuck I expect, I could get weight 
I'll take half of his cake, run, I would debate 
Father had the nerve to tell me I'm a mistake 
I said, dad I told my daughter that, I could relate 
And the beef up the hill, is real gettin live 
Still sittin by, still gettin high 
And I don't hold my tongue 
I was wrong enough to tell 'em
That I could stop doing drugs long enough to sell em 
A proclamation, with intoxication 
[Ayo Cam' gettin high!] A three rock occasion 
Whoa, I'm so high, you're so high 
What the fuck these motherfuckers put in my lye?? 
Make a million dollars, yo I could if I tried 
But why the fuck I gotta pay him, him, and him? 
Yo fuck around I'ma spray him, him, and him 
And fuck her when your girl lay, him, him, and him 
Man, that's why I'ma give it up 
The Benz truck driv' it up, every weekend did it up 
But tell me why, live for what? 

What do I have to live for... 
What do I have to live for... 
What do I have to live for... 
What do I have to live for.. 

[Verse 2]
Yo, yo, yo, I was wishin for knowledge
But didn't have tuition for college 
So that mission abolished 
Straight street like power, politics, and policy making
Give a fuck how I see bakin, gimme this, gimme that 
Gimme your hat, gimme your gat, gimme your shit 
Gimme your bricks, gimme your kicks 
Matter fact you pussy, gimme your bitch 
Cam' is clappin, I'm in
Can't negotiate with Samuel Jackson
It's A Time To Kill, what do I do?
My girl pregnant, rent is due, the phone is off  
The heat is off, no the heat is on nigga 
In the street is on, I'm about to beat upon 
A nigga til they deceased or gone, at least I'm gone 
What do it matter, they just relate to Binnis 
Girl fucked my man like Jada from Innis 
But I play to the finish, got blazed in a blemish 
Least I wasn't caged in a clinic 
In there, you age in a minute 
But you know the sharks, diplomat ho, we know the art
Come through leave your shit wet like Noah's Ark 
We order the pies, you sort of a lie 
You aint 730 nigga you 'bout a quarter to five 
Life's on the line, wife's goin blind 
Tell me man, god, what type of a sign 
Take a nitrogen nine, man, that's why I'ma give it up 
Wrists stay glittered up, every weekend did it up
But tell me why, live for what 

What do I have to live for... 
What do I have to live for...