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Artist: Cam'Ron f/ Old Dirty Bastard
Album:  S.D.E. (Sports Drugs and Entertainment)
Song:   Violence
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Fuck who ever saying shit
fuck the hole system
fuck who ever playing me
fuck who ever listens
Juliany fuck perjury
fuck the club
fuck the pub
fuck the ball
fuck him, fuck security,(violence)
with a gun and grill that's how I fucked  her, fucked y'all
even Juvenile said all don't give a fuck hen, (violence)
we on the worst on this shit
holla more I go first on this shit
lets see how many times I can curse on this shit,(violence)
shit, fuck, ass, bitch, nigga, pussy, hoe hoe
Putta, marico, pera, toto,(violence)
I put a gun to your brain
put you in front of the train
drink a Smirnoff
wait for it to wear off,(violence)
take is hair off
tear his ear off
you loath us
strip now you blow
got the strap now she knows
don't sob a bitch, hug a bitch, mug the bitch, mug the bitch
get out of hear
mugged the bitch, slugged the bitch,(violence)

chorus x 8

( violence ) die bitch nigga, bitch nigga die ( violence )

4 chorus background ( die die die die die die die )

yo, yo, yo
you don't know me grab you I will
fuck what you heard, stab shoot I kill, (violence)
kill kill kill kill
nigga's triggers off
we burn bitches nipples off
pull them pistols off, (violence)
for my real bitches cocaine copy
they straight Loraine about it
run up on your chain and pop it
get in the red and drop it, (violence)
you acting strange to cawk it
you want a brain then stop it
honey game is logic
the money's regardless, (violence)
gun scared to use it
they so wild and pros
shave your pubic, then put on the alcohol,(violence)
here on the aria, fuck the plant house
razors in the mouth
waiting for you to talk slick
then she talk spit, (violence) (spitting)
ups the hork he
you better cover, (violence)
cut from neck to Dracula, chocked in blood,(violence) blood, blood, blood

chorus x 8
die bitch nigga, bitch nigga die

(Old Dirty Bastard)
8 chorus background (you fucking zoo keepers better leave my mother fucking
monkey's alone)

You prejudice I put you in you chair and peace to president
I wasn't having that veal, (violence)
and don't forget the fuck who's here
Mike Tyson you cant be in jail
am getting you the fuck out of hear, (violence)
prostitute bitches if you prostitute, PROSTITUTE
you're the best at the game of the few, (violence)
I over heard a bitch say how he saw always two
you could never have travelled my room

die bitch
and am a hater
hate your taste
Hate your place
hate your face
hate y'all nigga's
can take y'all nigga's,(violence)
hate my life
well I hate your wife
hit your wife
but I hate your wife
now your about to hate this life,(violence)
hate to say I hate shit
I hate that bracelet
well take that bracelet
take that fake shit
take that stink shit,(violence)
and I hate shit collectors
and fake big brothers with dick sucker's
make the pig suffer
you die left out,(violence)

chorus x 8
die bitch nigga, bitch nigga die