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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Let Me Know (2007) 12"
Song:   Let Me Know (2007)
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Let me know, let me know....
Let me know, let me know, let know....

See when I met the girl she had a life...
Two kids, a man, hell I had a wife...
That aint stop us from meeting up in whatever weather...
Now I feel like Carl Thomas... wish I never met her
Understand baby girl I love when I'm with you
Then a tear comes down, she touchin a tissue(don't cry)...
I ain't commin to diss you, I'm discussin it with you
See the sex is great, but trust is the issue
I hug and I kiss you, with a doubt in mind
You out of sight, but out of sight is out of mind...
You out your boundaries clownin me (I ain't havin that)...
You sneaky...she said no, ma you snuck around with me (that's how we met)
I know you down for me, don't be rediculous (and look stupid)
But i'm kind of wild, and your promiscuous (you know you a flirt)
Feeling like this, I'm sick of this
My pride,  I'm risking this, baby can you get with this, if so...

Let me know, let me know....
la ah - ah-ah-ah... (G-O-D)
Let me know.....

Yo, the kissin, the huggin (yea)
The lickin, the suckin (no)
Forget all the rubbin (ma), come get with your husband (husband)
Admit I was buggin, but let me get on your muffin
And just give you some lovin
Forget all the fussin (fussin)
Both had a headache, had to get us some buffin
We did this from nothin, ma we aint did this for nothin
I know at times I ruffle your feathers
Burned the pink mink, yea a couple of leathers (I hate that)
Night to day, day to night, we hustle together (hustle together)
Cops came, you said cam we in trouble together (federales)
I know a couple bad boys (yes), and I can't help I'm a little duffle bag boy but
We can go to sleep, wake up to grits and eggs (eggs)
After grits and eggs (what), suck more tits and legs
I'm just playing but you sexy though
If not tonight, text me though and let me....

let me know (know), let me know...
let me know....