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Artist: Cam'Ron f/ Big Punisher, Charli Baltimore, Silkk, Wyclef
Album:  Horse & Carriage Remix 12"
Song:   Horse & Carriage Remix
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Intro: Silkk (Cam'Ron)

(That's right) Silkk the Shocker
Uh, Cam'Ron (You ain't know) No Limit
(That's right) Untertainment
(I'm here and there) mo' money
(I'm here and there)
Ya don't know?

[Verse One: Cam'Ron]
Aye yo I just walk wit' ya'll, I don't wanna rhyme
I just need talk wit' ya'll
Mamacita, senortia
I'm lookin' for my wifey
Cats always love me, till they girls start to like me
They don't know I'm sheisty, and all my jewels Icey
Tryin' to settle down Ma, stop actin' all fiesty
Cause 'I don't wanna be a playa no more'
Know it's soft, but I cam with a 'core
For the love of Money, Charli, whoa It Ain't My Fault
Like Silkk, it's so timid, my trunk, it go wit' it
The whole Squad is Terrorin', cats is No Limit
And I'm a diplomat, I'm a dimplomat
Where my honeies at?, where my money at?
That's why we act like that
Clak clak clak!, pat pat pat!
So all you girls bring your thongs and shit
Don't front, cause you know what song this is
Ju don't know

[Chorus: Wyclef]
Ya don't know what we're going through
Ya don't know the things that Cam is showing you
What we're about to do
You don't know
Ya don't know what we're going through
Ya don't know the things these thugs will do to you
You and your family through
Ya don't know

[Verse Two: Big Punisher]
Yo, yo
All the mami's know me, the Spanish kid wit' the goatee
If this was L.A., I'd be a motherfuckin O.G.
Ya my taste, thick in the waist, pretty in the face
Dominican race, like my twin Triple Seis
Hot as hell, I'm trickin' in
Shorties sharp as nails, the official chick
Reppin Uptown to Harlem World, where we at
I'm up coughin in the ambulance
From way downtown, they got the Horses and the Carriages
For 40 bucks, you can ride and get ya hug on
Another 20, puff lye and get ya crush on
It's all love, just like the Bud' when ya hit it
Cause way downtown, you know the fuzz is tryin' to hear it
So when ya spark, ya make sure it's in the dark
And most importantly, stay away from Central Park
Cause cops live, just to put away a thug
But not today, cause me and my baby in the Cabaret of Love


[Verse Three: Charli Baltimore]
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo, uhh
I thought I already barked on cats about Westhaven
It ain't work, gotta Scream on cats like Wes Craven
Owwwww!, they ain't know I hadn't in me
like lil' dicks, didn't know they had it in me
Don't you know don't you know, we pull up from a show
Cam and chrome bag the hoes, I Prada bags all the dough
And caked out, break out, uh
Horse & Carriage, forced to marriage, been had too many carats
And they ain't know, passin' that down
Where I come from
Ask Jane, that's my dun-dun
How we handle them dumb dumb's
And we like, Siskel and Elbert
We review cats, thumbs up if they they shit's right
And down if they new jack's
You might see Charli, in a Benz or Ferrari
Hennesey or Pacardi, gettin' bent at a party
But I flip, be the new face, cover of Trace
This the motherfuckin remix, we ain't need no {Mase}

Uh huh uh huh
We like it (Slikk the Shocker)
Uh huh uh huh (Cam'Ron, No Limit)
(Mo' money, ya heard me)

[Verse Four: Silkk the Shocker]
I live life like a thug, cause time's is rough
Convicted felon; now I like, rhyme for bucks
Ball till I fall, should I say, my time is up
And I cop you diamonds, never diamond cut
Forget the money, cause I could ball with or without the shipment
And I'm down girl, but I could ball with or without the chick
Sillk the Shocker, Cam'Ron, now how you gonna doubt us a hit
(Must be a car), Miss I could pull you, with or without the six
Now I ain't the C-E-O, but I ain't far from it
So if I ain't far from C-E-O
That mean I ain't far from havin' C-E-O money
Can't discuss what I'm worth, but I'm worth this much
Like Mantigo, fall back like snatchin' purses for bust
So many styles - drop a beat, I'ma drop a hit
Rap game stop for the dope game - and cop a brick
No Limit Soldier baby, so watch the talk
Get lost like ohhhhhhh, "It Ain't My Fault!"
I'm from the N-O, L-I, M-I to the T
Tru my click, Silkk, the Shocker, yeah that's me
Now look, money I'm tryin' to make it
Bustas I'm tryin' to break, girls is like
Ooh I love Silkk, and then, ooh I hate him!
Cause they can't have me, but I don't look
I can't afford to live average
So senorita, let me walk you to my carriage
Now I don't wanna settle down, but we can do it like we married

[Chorus] - 2X

(*music till fade*)