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Artist: Cam'Ron f/ Juelz Santana
Album:  Hey Ma (White Label) 12"
Song:   Hey Ma (Uncensored)
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[Cam'Ron] + (woman)
Hey ma (whassup?) Let's slide (all right)
All right - and we gon' get it on tonight
You smoke? (I smoke) I drink (me too)
Well good - cause we gon' get high tonight
Got drops (got coups) got trucks (got jeeps)
All right - cause we gon' take a ride tonight
So ma (whassup?) Let's slide (all right)
All right - and we gon' get it on tonight

Now that I got a girl my ex wanna holla and shit
Told me to acknowledge her quick
She said Cam stop frontin, on that Dave Hollister shit
Come over let me swallow the dick 
I'm like momma is sick I promise you dick
Usually I have a problem with chicks
They all say I'm rotten and rich
But not her, booby's real, high heel dooby feel
Plus she got them Gucci nails, uh
You a cutie still
And this my down ho too, ain't no groupie deal
We left the movies with uzis, Suzuki wheels
To the jacuzzi, a coochie and booty feel (right)
Stuck her tongue in my butt
Then I woke up she like we fuckin' or what? (uh)
Get the fuck in the truck we can fuck in the truck
Well fuck it up nah it's nuttin' but nut now
I'm up in her guts 
And after I'm done I had to nut in the cup (uh)
Now I'm breakin the dutch lightin a L flipped up the
cell had to call up L
Yo L (what up) I fuck (what else) got head (say word)
And we got it on tonight


[Juelz Santana]
Yo now I was downtown clubbin ladies night
Seen shorty she was crazy right
And I approach baby like "Ma, what's your age and
She looked at me and said "Youse a baby right?"
I told her "I'm 18 and live a crazy life
Plus I'll tell you what the 80's like
And I know what ladies like
Need a man that's polite, listens and takes advice
I could be all three, plus I can lay the pipe
Come with me come stay the night"
She looked at me laughin; like boy your game is tight
I'm laughin back like sho' you right get in the car
And don't touch nuttin, sit in the car
Let's discuss somethin either we fuckin' or I'll see
you tommorow
Now we speedin up the Westside
Hand creepin up her left side, I'm ready to do it
Ready to bone, ready for dome
55th exit, damn, damn, already we home
Now let's get it on