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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Got to Love It (White Label) 12"
Song:   Got to Love It (Jay-Z Diss)
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Uh Dipset! Fore I set it off
O.K. First off, you a bitch nigga
Only reason I'm doin this, I'ma jus name 5 reasons real quick, got a hundred fifty
First - you stole Rocafella from Dame
Second - you stole Kanye from Dame
Third - you stole Rocawear from Dame
Forth - I seen the nigga throw that diamond up before them shots was fired
Fifth - hold on, turn the beat off
I had to turn the beat off for this
You talkin bout you a 80's baby
You 37 years old, you was born in 1968 and I open the daily news
How's the king of new york rocking sandals with jeans?
Open toe sandals with chancletas with jeans on
How's the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans and he 42 years old?

Backup, this one ain't the only one with big wallets
Got it, my shits brollic, dot it
But your publishing should go to Ms. Wallace
Honest. Stealing +BIG+ shit, he made 2 albums, you wildin
And he came dressed dog, ooh stylin
It was Roc-a-Wear, when Dame had it
Now you got it, call it +Cock-a-wear+, heh not in here
Deaded pronto, you won't see a car. No
Dame and Big bitch for years, now you on hoe
He on the 40/40 got you in Atlantic City
Bitch your budget outta baseline, goddamn it's pretty
You love a harlem nigga we get it cooking it's true
But now I look we got more dudes in Brooklyn then you
A parity right? Down in Jeezy video
I shoulda kissed you on the cheek, you a pretty ho
And Jaz video you starred in it, Peter Pan
I was hopping off the grey hound, Peter Pan
How could he be the man? Ha only reason fam
I don't suck dick or kiss ass and I'm consided, damn
But we hawk yo, right where you walk bro
You can fool the rest of the world long as New York know
We put you under ground clown, they gon check the cellars
I know he 40 years old, I don't respect my elders
I respect the hustlers, plus the grinders and the sellers
Youse a customer buster, here go jet propellers

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You got to hate us the way we gettin this paper
All my niggaz are coming straight from minimum wage
Niggaz dick riding the Dip steady trying to play us
But you get sprayed, bust a round we got in his face
Dipset - hittin 40 and niggaz we totin guns
Dipset - this is forty an nigga we from the slum
Dipset - pushin 40 nigga you not the one
It's killin season, holla at a nigga cause here it come

Killa! Let's go
Who can fuck with me? No mammal, but we tote handles
Atcha open toe sandals, and you look like Joe Gamble
Off of Rocafella right? no contact
But Busta fly joints, they put us out the contract
I left the label right, lot of cats wonder how
Everytime I diss that label I get fined a hundred-thou
Jus for tellin y'all I get fined a hundred-thou
Heh them cats are ill, 5 times a half a mil
Wars to play, like a bumper sticker smack a grill
Paul Wall cap a grill but them cats are daffy dills
East coast west coast slang yo cap ya bill
Down in Houston ask B I'ma mack forreal
Hackie tell me, respect, better dwell me
Beyonce fiance, check my 2nd LP
I might bring it back, that's your girl, that's your world
Had the thing, fucking singing bout slinging crack
Mr. Rocafella stop, stop, stop it fella
Still got our acapellas, but I will ock-ya-bella

put it in ya mouth uh put it in ya mouth
put it in ya mouth uh put it in ya mouth

It ain't my fault I'm raw
I'm sorry B but I want a war
And he stabbed UN over Charlie Baltimore
Sucker for love, hmm-hmm sucker for love
Killa bitch go to trial hand be stuffed in the glove
I'ma hop in the bed, dog gon jus pop off her head
Tell "Oh Jay-Z chill, Cochran is dead"


Y'all niggaz don't want it with us man
This just round one, 15 rounds B
We ready, brake off bluff, professional concert,sell out 25 thousand
Actin like you gon diss us
You got anthrax over there man, and we George Bush man
You on some Saddam Hussenin
Acting like you got something over there
You doing what ma$e did, you making super songs man
Let it out man, get ready for 15 rounds man
And all I did was battle once
Everybody getting ready to step to the plate
And I'ma step up again and slam, grand-slam yo ass pardon me
Dipset! I know you, I know you like that
I remember Dame sold you his old pathfinder
Chipped in for the GS, you Jaz old son
Where's source money at? Where's the like, where they at?
I'ma get back to all that, Dipset dawg
Round one, let the games begin doggy
Haha ain't laughing at ya ugly ass no more
YOU UGLY DAWG! YOU UGLY! You ugly man, you ugly
My man UN said you look like Fraggle Rock and all that
You on outfast nigga? Get back to you nigga
Nigga OH!


Oh shit, yo dude make sure you got them old vocals
Bring 'em up real quick (Beyonce vocals)
Yup, yup that's her, yup we got 'em