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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Purple Haze
Song:   Family Ties
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[Verse 1]
Man I spit that pimp talk, you hang out where the pimps collide
It's a pimp in my ride, no need to pimp the ride
This aint the pimp camp, pimp limp, pimp stance 
Pimp slap a slim tramp, order steak shrimp scamp
Oka-ka-kay, you ga-ga-gay
I'll suflet ya toupee, and bottles be a bouqet
Right where you stay, or where you stayed
That 45 trey duce spade spray you stayed
Unload the click clack, to ya fit cap
Hold the shit back, say goodbye and go commit that
For 9 years the spain had to time share
Back to time square, I got dimes here
By the port authority, but I got more authority
Your girl she order more E, check she forge it for me
Reporters report me, how she report to the orgy
But it's more to the story, her daughter applaud me
[Chorus - Nicole Wray (Cam'Ron)]
We in a zone, our soldiers like to stand by
Never alone, we bout to make the Jones cry
(Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset)
We hold our own, don't think you can move us or push us
We step to the side, that's why they call this family ties
(Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset Dipset)

[Verse 2]
From the back of the cop ride, the black on black, black when we cop rides
I will not hide, hi ma hot thighs, dick on her nose, now she's cock-eyed
From whippin the bacon rolls, to outside whippin the bacon rolls
Sanai Lathan knows, i'm rakin but makin dough
Eighty holes in ya shirt, they're your own jamaican clothes
I ain't talkin the pocono's 
I'm talkin to Aspen's the slopes we go
You get the okie doke, play me baby i hope he know
We break noses, call him baby Pinnochio
Fuckin Liar, I'll hold it with blue mittens
Two pigeons, what the fuck are you pitchin
One house, two kitchens, who's bitchin
I'll bring the diesel, won't see the fooshsnickens
And I don't trust a ho, That's mother to baby mother
Motherfucker you look like a lady lover
I'll tuck slap her, dap her, plus clap her
Tell her drink, come get drunk it's nut cracker
And it's well known that Rell home, Yup
Hit E.T. up on the cell phone
As your family dies, and my family rise
Call the network, dipset, family ties
[Verse 3]
You see me in that lavendar tank, you rather just faint
I was fort lauder, you was saint ladder day saints
Whips get lavendar paint, ride with the rappers
Scrap with the actors, cap back, abra cadabra
And i'm appauled, thinkin we ain't all comfortable
Me and all these rappers all Theodore Huxtable
They mothers a lawyer, they fathers a doctor
Auction, coke to the coppers, glock's in the locker
And who you sposed to be, get hung from the roseries
Call me C.O.D. thats Coke and them Oser D
Some O.D.B. off them Oser D
I ain't give a fuck, as long as they ain't close to me
Put your drugs in the air, give a toast to me
Pump that dip in your veins, get dope like me
Fuck Kerry and Bush, you should vote me
For real nigga, on the real, the last hope is me