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Artist: Cam'Ron f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Killa Season
Song:   Touch it or Not
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Lil' Weezy, Cash Money!
Yo ma, lemme holla
Let's do it!

[Chorus: Cam'Ron]
Ma, I been huggin' the block (huggin' the block)
That's right!  Hustlin' rocks (hustlin' rock)
I know, I been pufffin' a lot (puffin' a lot)
But a nigga wanna know
Babygirl, you gon' suck it or not?

My dick hard as a motherfucker
You don't what?!  Tell that shit to another sucker (what I look like?)
I ain't no sucka, mama, come on fuck the drama (fuck that)
Pet, kiss it, then, lil pucker-rama (lil pucker-rama)
I'm so active, you being so drastic 
Got something for ya face, fuck pro-activ 
I'm a pro at this
Round the globe, atlas
But I need to know ma, you gon' suck it or not?
Babygirl, I'm in love with the twat
Missionary, back shots, pop it off, rock it off
I tell you right now if my cock is soft (what I want?)
head before and after (what's that?) 
top it off (do what?)
On ya knees, show you how to top a boss (how it go?)
Lick, suck, deep throat, stop, cough, 
hop on, hop off, lollipop off
I know it's white, but here come the hot sauce


Lookin light skinned, mami was tight slim
Fat ass, big tits, I noticed her nice chin (sturdy chin)
I approached her, slight grin, white Timbs, number you can type in
Said she don't like men (hahaha)
I just laughed, ma, if we link, we link
You don't like men? me neither, what a coincidink (what a coincidence)
Ms. Jiggy, Ms. Piggy, Pinky mink, pinky ring blingin'
Ma, you gon' suck it or not?
I ain't the type to diss you, kinda like the issue (I like that)
That's the situation, bring wifey with you (bring her)
Would you like a tissue? (Why?) 
You gon' need it for the cum up in your nose, babygirl, cause you suckin my cock!
Ain't a question now, it's a guarantee
They say I think I'm the shit, (oh well) well apparently
But you won't hear words like "Marry me" (what, marry me?)
Only thing you gonna hear is, "suck it or not!"


[Lil Wayne]
I get head in the strangest places
two at the same time, call it changin faces
I tell a bitch "we ain't tradin places"
Now stand back and catch my amazing greatness (heh heh heh)
Taste and savor it
Vanilla Ice Cream, she say "ooh, my favorite"
Do you know who you playin' wit? 
Chillin' like a scarecrow, looking for some brain
Drivin' in the range or 
flying on a plane
Her head is crazy so she's insane
She know the game, get in and get right
Every bitch in the industry wanna rock my mic
I'm hot like light
I'm tough like Ike
I don't fuck with dog hoes cause them hoes might bite
Yeah, and then she follows
In the back of my mind, I'm hopin' she swallows 

[Chorus] - repeat 2X