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Artist: Cam'Ron f/ Nicole Wray
Album:  Killa Season
Song:   Love My Life
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Ayo, I never claim to hard, tough, no homo, gangsta, none of the above
Just a kid from 140th and Lennox Ave, Harlem USA
tryin to make his way in the world, ya heard?
You know in the trials and tribulations that life brings
I lost some friends, incarcerated, some are gone forever
You know you can't expect everything from everybody
(I got you right now) So get up, get out and get somethin
That's what I did

[Verse 1]
Before I had the hamma cocked (cocked) or Santana rocked (Santana rocked)
Little Jerv, Grandpa Jerry, Grandma doc (that's my fam)
Uncle Carl, Uncle Ted, Uncle Steve, Uncle Bill
Cousin Steve, Cousin Bill up on the hill, now (whattup y'all)
My Aunt Normy, I don't speak to my Aunt Dida
Or my Cousin Bashiba, but I love my mother Frederica (whattup ma)
Neighbor Freda, daughter Raven and Nicka (uh huh)
Down another doorbell was that nigga Wardnell
He gave birth to the best MC you never heard
Lever after lever and was clever wit whatever word (who you talkin bout?)
Derrick Armstead, Bloodshed from C.O.C. (C.O.C.)
He did damage, road managed by GOD
A.k.a. DukeDaGod, he was stupid hard
sixteen, a bitch dream, had stupid cars (had the license)
Color 68', coupe 75'
Still drive some bullshit, I don't know why
I love the nigga though, for him put cris in the air
First one diss 'em in here, swear, I'll risk my career (career)
That's a fact dick, ain't talkin no rap shit (nope)
I'm talkin that mac clip (clip), niggaz will back-flip
Act sick, my dude studied the Sabbath (Sabbath)
No beef, veggie nigga, maybe some catfish (he buggin)
He can have my house (house), he can keep my Maurys (Maurys)
He can drive my cars, this a Eastside Story

That's why my dudes love me, I let them do them
You either gon be rich or famous fuckin wit me...probably both
If you happen to brush shoulders with me by accident, play lotto
Nine out ten times you gon win nigga

[Chorus 2X  Nicole Wray]
Play the game, sure to win
They all up on me, know they want my ends
I sacrifice, I roll the dice
I love the hood, I love my life

[Verse 2]
See a boss I'm prepared to be (be)
When I walk away from a confrontation
I ain't scared of you, I'm scared of me (scared of me)
I got a gun, you don't, so it flares you'll see (flares)
After that, a five-thousand volt chair for me (damn)
So I move carefully, niggaz don't care for me (nope)
Who care, I don't, you share, I won't (I won't)
Calm down, (huh huh) breathe again (breathe!)
I don't do extortion unless I want a receivin end (ya hear that?)
Talk to my money, first time I heard her speak (what she say?)
That's word to me, told me I deserve to eat (what happened?)
Moved to a killa ave, right from a murda street (what you did?)
Rocked Adidas Forms, even though they hurt my feet (fucked up)
I don't look in the sky, nevermind stars (nope)
Know some fine stars, (where?) right behind bars (who)
Snags, Black, Doe on house arrest (house arrest)
Zeek, Sheek, won't even through out the rest (won't even mention)
They wanted my ass, right along side Zeek
Turn myself in?  Nope play hide and go seek (hide n seek)
I'm gone, put the clip in the chrome
Ya I'm just like a fly, see the shit that I'm on?
And hour after hour, I would chill at the after hours
Where they flash the powder (powder), no bath our shower (funky)
In that same spot, realized math is power
So I point at the house, that is ours

[Chorus 3X  Nicole Wray]

[Nicole Wray]
Can you feel me?  Can you feel me?
Whooooo whooooo
Yea Yea
Whoooo whoo whoo whoooo