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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Crime Pays
Song:   Who
Typed by: Theda Dot Com

[Verse 1]
(Who) get money with Leyor, Kevin liles
(Who) Joie ie, LA Reid, Camron Giles
(Who) At the round table with Todd Moscowitz
(Who) Who the man, you the man so acknowledge it

(Who) Leave the dealer so smooth with the polished kit
(Who) Same night, 210 demolished it
(Who) Get girls no bullshit politics
(Who) Only gotta say two words: "swallow it"

(Who) Rocks look like Colorado dicks
(Who) got the mask and the gloves and the hallow tips
(Who) the one who can leave with your main chick
(Who) can fuck four girls from the same clique

(Who) Mr. Right (Who) Make sisters fight
(Who) ain't really gotta ask for a kiss goodnight
(Who) the one that the ladies call Mr. Pipe
(Who)  the one that make feens go and get they pipe

Its me yall
no phone book but OG called
a few gun fights, some street brawls
Getting money, come come now please yall

[Verse 2]
(Who) Got mean jewels (Who) is gleaming heavy
(Who) get a million wired, I key and semi
(Who) light for movie (Who) no tyler perry
(Who) got the baddest chick, not halle berry

(Who) run your city, so fly
(Who) got all white birds that don't fly
(Who) the truth, you the truth, no lie
(Who) got dudes that'll kill you in a bow tie

(Who) blow la (Who) drove by
(Who) so high (Who) you know five
(Who) got louie kicks, like the checker board
(Who) will smack you, and check your broad

(Who) might blow (Who) like nitro
(Who) like black rob you, I'm like whoa
(Who) got twins (Who) like double mint
(Who) is wanted by the US government

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
(Who) roll up the bud (Who) saying it loud
(Who) work in the mud (Who) play in the cloud
(Who) live in the stars (Who) loving his style
(Who) come in the cars (Who) making him proud

(Who) be in them spots (Who) where they ain't allowed
(Who) they want in a box, we'll take em to trial
(Who) get thick chicks, or slim dymes
(Who) take a outro card, put it in mine

(Who) stand up, man up, no enzyme
(Who) you ray charles, yall niggas been blind
(Who) will get you curled out this world
(Who) like girls, girls that kiss girls

[Chorus 2x]