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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Crime Pays
Song:   Where I Know You From
Typed by: Theda Dot Com

[Verse 1] 
Since they cut my umbilical [Pause]
I knew it would be inevitable, That my case should go federal
Its part of my journey, see it might concern me
But who cam best friend, My attorney!

Can you hold something, Can I throw you some
Now I know you dumb, Where I know you from
I aint got it right now, but I owe you one
In your head, one shot from a loaded gun

Don't get extorted, I get escorted
To the resort, where the girls say lets snort it
I can import it, export it sports car
Lets port it, fresh auto, I report I just bought it

I scream lets get it, they aint pimp my ride
My cars an exhibit, huh? next critic
I don't talk it I just live it, just prove it
Tell the feds Calm down, its just music 

Man you cold fronting, beat you like you stole something
Who you talking to, I asked you can you hold something
Where I know you from huh? Where I know you from
Where I know you from scrams? Where I know you from

[Verse 2]
You got a order shorty, you should learn ring
Your baby moms know, we call her sperm bank
Crazy hoe, word baby bro, 
mad generous giving out falchios 

A meat eater, Ms. Domma Domma
Honor my persona, its like a Parana's momma
We move bricks on the highway
So theres bricks in my drive way

K9 come, then the 9 spray
My girls toe ring, that's 55K
Crack in 4B, Coc in 5A
Dope in 8F, the hoe's in 9J

What can I say, You know how I play
We hustle all night, until the skies gray
Why you think the whole hood carotid 
He tony the tiger, yeah he like it sugar coated

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
They got the cameras up; they want to tape a solider
Cuz I got that tan, you can call it beige & mocha
Talking in code, is sort of like playing poker
Bring the pepsi in the oven, that's the baking soda

What up tiny bum, we were all the sorta
Feds gave em 25, damn a quarter mortar
But we from the same hood where they slaughtered porter
You a passer, me I got a scorers aura

Owe me money, your wife, son, daughters oughta
Leave the country, I'm thinking like bora, bora
Run around with these silly secrets
Trying to keep it real, me I'm gon really keep it

You should really peep it, mack milly skeeted
In your face, any case, I'm gon really beat it
We aint never gamble, we ain't never bet
Where I know you from scrams, we aint never met

[Chorus 2x]