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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Crime Pays
Song:   Silky (No Homo)
Typed by: Theda Dot Com

[Verse 1]
They call me broke goose, up on me
I'll leave you salty, clean like a bofty
So girl... Yeah you boo, let me introduce you 
To a new crew, not familiar, ain't what you used to

Hit Aruba, put it on youtube
Let your ex-man see your new dude
And new purse, and new shoes
Tell em I win, haha you lose

Dice game I fill up the bank
Yo ex-man cant fill up your tank
Damn that's mad triffe, talking bout the gas price
All I do is look and say damn that's a sad life

He bake beans just add rice
No soft drinks, just mad ice
Now you waiting in the cold for the bus
Girl come roll with the rush, us!

No delaying, ma stop playing
I'm not playing but I'm  saying
What you saying are you staying
Yeah I'm staying if you paying
Huh what you say

[Verse 2]
Yall know me, bomb hoe's, condo's
Crystal, Calico, Dom Mo
Oh yeah, few John Doe's
I'm on point like Rondo

Get it here hurry up like pronto
No no, no need convo
And the raptors, Toronto
Play with me you'll get your lawn mowed

In dawn mode, that's code red
No cars girl, got to moped
Shout out to all my dope heads
They made me rich, yeah more bread

Now go head, for your head gone
Fucked one girl, my bread long
Got damn girl, your legs long
She went down, she head strong
Dude unlock them cuffs, so ma can roll with the rush, us!

[Verse 3]
Yo Gina, that's Clara
Yo clara, that's Sarah
Yo sarah, that's Tara
Call her, Ms. Mascara

But she give a mean blowjob
Go downtown, no prob
Getting beano's, did the whole mob
I don't work, no job

Redford, I go rob
Crème corn, no cob
Bo ho, Bo ho, go sob
That's your sob, oh god

Rascal buckwheat
Get braces, buckteeth 
Zoom out, now your in the dust
Girl come roll with the rush, us!