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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Crime Pays
Song:   Homicide
Typed by: Theda Dot Com

[Verse 1]
29-5 live the courts are pigeon
Blame the economy the courts are living
Of course im living, bought some linen, 
Take a courts on winning, forts of women,  
Monday through Friday the Porsche is driven

Change the range to Thursdays put that away
Hard top Wednesdays, drop top Saturdays
Sundays Piscataway, 8 Ki's I have we lay
Half today, my whole island like Gilligan its fast away

By the way, [whats up dawg] whos hardest 
Probation over yeah, ima catch some new charges
Crime the frickasy recipe, mess with me
40th my pedigree, Big L regale 

RIP to hand me legs, some name stamp he said 
Saying my dear you tomorrow your families dead
You a fag, fairy, no homo that's scary
Don't mean a email or phone when I say blackberry

it's a homicide, homi, homi, homicide
it's a homicide, homi, homi, homicide
it's a homicide some here unlucky died
yellow tape damn, right outside Kentucky fried

[Verse 2]
Figure I stay and lock it, fuck it 380 cock it
King Jaffi Joe, I feel like spacely rockets
Come and weight these pockets, the profits display these profits
Play no way to stop it, my engine 80 rockets

No Yao Ming, No T-Mac
Lambo, skeet rat, 300 G stacks
Want to place a bet please match, or breeze back
Offensive coordinator hater, I read traps

These niggas need naps, they bitches got weave naps
Believe that fuck with my a seeds and you'll get seized, snatched
Over these pack we cap knee caps, teeth caps
Believe that fill your tweets, beat your raps

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Damn cam you did it to consumers
White and red boomers, blue and red laguna's
Dead all the rumors, all these rappers are my juniors
Ma you cant swim, well come follow the tuna

Full moon, we got girls to moon us
No cuddling ma, you wont spoon us
Don't spit game, just sell rick jamees
Baby boy my nick name is switch lanes

Slash stick change, slash get brain
Slash that nigga, slash make it rain
Slash tell summer girl, get the summer Z's
Know whats in the dungaree's, a hundred G's

[Chorus 2x]