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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Crime Pays
Song:   Curve
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(Cam'Ron Talkin)
Na I told shorty to curve! she like curve?
I'm like curve! she like what that mean
I'm like that mean get away from me ya breath stink
You heard a tic tacs?
Curve man get outta here if +Big Pun+ was alive he'd tell you to go that way

(Cam'Ron:Verse 1)
From Ecuador, extra raw, repituar, like the reservoir 
Few Beretta scars, get ya neck ajared
Respect ya pa, don't believe, bet a card
I need a f-f-f-freak 
I mean a tramp ma, and my dick you can lick like a stamp uh
And ya back, you can arch lick a ramp ma
Get a helmet you about to get ram hard
I'm Rambo, commando, Camacho, you'll disappear, vamanose vato
Got doe, gwap, hoes, shots go, ratt-tatt-tatt
How could he not know Louie socks tho, you can see the logo
And I chop, blo-blo, no homo
Shoot out in the woods, no po po
He wired the deal a no go yo
I get dough tho, he a no show
I'm so high high, in the low-low
I ain't got a address but, yo I gotta get dressed
Come watch a mobster get fresh
Linen and Ostrich on deck
I know ya'll wish that them shots woulda shot me to death
But death because me, you a mummy
I'm out to get flesh
Dummy money, bustin outta my socks and my sweats
Get cash but alota my gwaps in a check

(Chorus : Cam'Ron[Girl])
(Uh) That's my word, if homie actin absurred
And he sorta like a bird then tell tha dude to curve
Girls to if she gettin on ya nerves and she gota
Lotta nerve then tell the girl to curve

[Curve nigga] No curve trick!
[Curve nigga] No curve trick!
[Curve nigga] No curve trick!
[Curve nigga] No curve trick!

(Verse 2:Cam'Ron)
Damn Cam, why they startin' wars
Forced in garden kitchen parkay floors
Lil pimps, watch them whores
Slide em to the crib, right in side her ribs
Right outside her ribs, right inside her (?)
{Please stop watchin' me}
Look, Diamonds around her wrist, house behind the cliffs
Left her equivalent to 600 dimes of piff
Off the winter menu, I'm from a different venue
These +Nikes+, don't ask, discontinued, must miscontinue
One clip will end you
{Please stop watchin me}
I  can't front baby girl I'm something to watch
I ask her one thing, "Girl ,you cummin or not?"
I make scrilla melt, you don't need Killa help
My doors are suicde, bitch go kill ya self
Since you feel yaself, .9 mill to steal ya health
{Please stop watchin me}
Yea, I know alotta ya'll hatin' wanna clap me still
Listen good ,I don't care how you actually feel
Cause I'm actually real, for real wrapped in steel
And the roof open up like a happy meal
Get a steel grip, you won't feel shit
We move single file, like we on a field trip
Get ya permission slip, can you vision it
Empty the gun son, put in a different clip

(Repeat Chorus)

(Cam'Ron Talkin Over Chorus)
Ya'll know what it is Harlem
Aye yo hood I'm a get you some publishing on this one dog
Hundred 40th, Harlem you know what it is