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Artist: Cam'Ron
Album:  Crime Pays
Song:   Bottom of the Pussy
Typed by: Theda Dot Com

Yo I hit the bottom of her pussy yall
Yo, I hit the bottom of her pussy yall
Nope I aint talking bout her pussy walls
Yo, I hit the bottom of her pussy yall

[Verse 1]
Yo I be lying, denying that theres a pimp in me
But I apologize sorry you have my sympathy
When I hit that spot why you aint tell me nothing
I swear to god yo, I thought it was your belly button

Nope, it was the bottom of your pussy hole
Her legs was shaking like she's trying to do the tootsie roll
We make the sweetest merger, should I keep or curve her
The sex agreed its murder, plus she's a squirter

Yeah baby girl drenched the bed
Sprinkler system, right on my expensive spread
But she made it up, gave me extensive head
Intensive, mention her man it don't make sense he's dead

Plus I like her cuz mami made me say mama mia
Plus she PYP, right Condoleezza 
I george bushed her what she don't know what ima teach her 
Im her teacher she's a libra, leave her nope ima keep her


[Verse 2]
Now I aint seen her in two weeks, that's the wire
Now she sending threats saying that my ass a liar
When she see me she gon set my ass on fire
Came out the crib, got damn she slashed the tires

Keep it up ma, I'll call your mother
She said I already did, why don't you call my brother
And tell him what "you hit the bottom of my pussy ho"
And you is a bitch nigga, faggot ass, pussy ho

I said your brother don't want to know how his sister is
And with that same mouth you go home and kiss your kids
But lets shift gears its maybe you, its maybe me
Maybe buts whats wrong, then baby said don't baby me

Oh don't baby you, you acting shady boo
That aint the way we do shit, im on my way to you
And you gotta love it, when I got there she start to touch it
And the pussy hole I hit the bottom of it