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Artist: Cam Meekins
Album:  The Life of Cam Meekins, Pt. 6
Song:   Why Wait
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Why wait?
Go and get a taste
What's yours, mate?
All the snakes, hey
I be gettin' baked
Bad bitch date
Learn from mistakes
Stash, cash, away
Driving fast, safe
No time to waste
I could die today
So I get high today
Think through every way
That I can get this cake
More money made
Buy stocks, wait
I just motivate
Demons, I'ma face
Take another plane
Back in a day
I don't take a rest
Nothin' more to say
Wanna be the best?
Sleepin'? It can wait
Money, breeze, hey
Friends turn fake
Baby girl got cake
I just love the chase
I'ma win the race
Repeat that eveyrday
Sit and meditate
Plannings everyday
I won't run away
Put it on my plate
Steppin' up my game
'Cause I know what it takes