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Artist: Cam Meekins
Album:  The Life of Cam Meekins, Pt. 6
Song:   Vino Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm in the studi' drinking Pellegrino
I go to Boston, shaking hands like I was Mayor [?]
Feel like I'm lost, but shit the vision I'ma always see though
'Cause I just keep it so consistent when I'm off the vino
Ay, wine dinners with bad bitches
I'm focused on the ghost so after that I'll be back, spittin'
Illustrious, my pen and paper touch, and the rap's written
I make another check and spend it all on some bad decisions, but fuck it though
I live this crazy life, I'm thankful to share it
Feel like this weight upon my shoulders, I be caring for the carrier
Caring too much 'bout the past, the present 'gon miss you
Man, I been duckin' all these calls, I got a telephone issue
Too many people on my line these days, feel like it never ends
It's never "What can I do for you?", it's some "Let me get some ends"
If I ain't seen you in a while, don't go sayin' that we friends
'Cause women change, men change, and I don't got the change to spend, yo
Man, I ain't sleepin' much, survivin' off this coffee
Got a good girl to my right, all these dumb bitches get off me
I ain't partying too much, 'cause man that shit really exhaust me
Tryin' to figure out the balance, I just hope that God got me
Tryin' to get better at prayin', 'cause these blessings keep on comin'
If they stop, will I survive, or will I be searchin' for somethin'?
Feel like life's a give and take, so what I make, I give to it
I ain't hiding all these problems dawg, you gotta life through it
I'ma take initiative, 'cause I ain't lettin' him do it
Tryin' to chill of alcohol but I've been hittin' spliffs too
She let her hair down in the whip, she wanna let the wind through it
These predicaments I'm in, I know the plays, I been through it
Like I'm, Coach Belichick, I'm gettin' hella checks
Never stressed, those that sell excess
Won't accelerate the presence yet
Rappers hella flex, with two chains made out of rhinestones
I keep a million dollars in the nose within my iPhone
Thinkin' 'bout investments, couple things I wanna buy soon
Feel like this simple rappin' shit is gonna die soon
I sit alone at night, bumpin' Mac, I'm gettin' high to him
I worry 'bout my other friend, I'm thinkin' who supplied it to him
Makin' all this money, tryin' to find a place to hide it too
Not a violent dude, but I cannot accept an IOU
Give me my money, yeah, pay me in cash
Be on the second date, and after that she gave me some ass
I know the Life of Cam Meekins taste gon' make me a splash
But fuck the fame, I want the guap, then I'll be out in a dash
Yeah, yo, man I'll be out in a dash
Fuck the fame, I want the guap, then I'll be out in a dash