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Artist: Cam Meekins
Album:  1993, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Wiz Khalifa
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got a big face fatty right by my head
I go to sleep every night and I wake up dead
Looking for the fresh squeeze by my bed
I find what I did wrong then I do it again
Money in the cash box for the laundry
Got one t-shirt and that's always on me
I think it's too dark cuz I can't see ya
I dip hummus for the carrots and the tangerines

Everybody knows what you were before
And I can't find my keys so don't lock the door
Everybody knows, everybody knows I'm

Smoking on that Wiz Khalifa
Drinking on that something cheaper
Feeling like I can't see
But I give a fuck what you said to me
Cuz I'm looking for some love tonight
When the times right, when the times right
Come say what up if you see me around
Cuz it's going down, it's going down tonight [x3]

Who's really winning cuz I think I lost
My cell phone in the crack in the seat of my car
Mr. Big Shot with the big time bars
I'm trying to bring it back to Dancing With The Stars
If everybody got a plan don't they contradict
I like you big eyes, that's a compliment
And by the time I hit the parking spot again
I was two or three a shots at the confidence