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Artist: Cam Meekins
Album:  1993, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Slow Down
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

They tell me to slow down but
Homie I'm just living my life and
Gonna do what I think right
Cause they're stressing me out
They telling me they know what's best
But, will I care when when there's no one left

I think not

Let me start it off I was just a kid and a mess up
From first grade on I was fucking all my tests up
When I got to second grade shit was all messed up
Of course they got divorced but, still god blessed us
And still I managed to take apart the damage and
Put it all together like the cheese on a sandwich
Middle school was tough man, I thought I'd never end
Now the kids that picked on me are like my best friends
So its weird how your life changed but, its alright man
Started smoking weed so I thought about my life man
And what it all comes down to in the end
Is the little things you do and the stupid shit with friends
I'm plotting my revenge on these stupid ass teachers
Cause I Ball in the game and they sitting on the bleachers
Can you hear me now hollering my raps to your students?
Wasn't my choice man I really had to do this


Every single weekend was the same we would ride around and cruise
My first car fucked up from breaking all the rules
We would speed around at night because we had nothing to lose
Now I walked around a lot and felt some more shoes
Spray painted don't stop were leaving it on all the stop signs
Got my first F and my moms wouldn't stop crying
Wonder if I took it back and do it any different
Fuck that, cause I'm still here living
I'm still no different, I'm trying to have some fun
While you working 9-5 cause you trying to have some funds
Ummm, why you living all the same shit?
Look at me it's easy to change quick
I was harassed by the asshole jerk offs
But, you're telling your friend you can't take a day from work off?
I'm kinda liking where this mic is going
Took for me to almost die to figure out where my life was going


And what it all comes down into the end...

If you thinking about it then dawg you ain't living it
Somethings messed up you gotta do something different
Stressed out over an A or a B
Kids killing themselves I'm enraged but in what I see
You gonna sit there and see your dreams shatter?
You gonna hit the plate and be a home run batter
That's cliche well I'm just trying to live it up
Oh yeah one more thing, I don't give a fuck!