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Artist: Caltroit (Black Milk & Bishop Lamont) f/ Ras Kass, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Black Milk Presents Caltroit
Song:   Go Hard
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Intro [x3]
Go hard, go harder, go hard, go harder
We go hard, go harder, we go hard, we go harder

[Ras Kass]
Shit. Rassy. C'mon
I spit
Sex and violence
Spinal meningitis
(It's goin' down)
When I kick you in the chest like King Leonidas
You own a pair of Air Force Ones
Now who the fliest
And not the Nikes, I mean the president's plane (your highness)
I'm drunk and I'm proud, a chicken catch this "-itis"
Havin' a burner make me feel secure like a blue blanket for Linus
West coast droppin' the science
And girl you might be the finest
But I'm gonna treat that bitch like Don Imus
Nappy headed hoes!
Oh, no apologies
Fuck N.B.C.
I got A.D.D.
When it comes to T&A?
Haters hate away
But heads I separate niggas from their DNA
Me and rap got a symbiotic relationship
Call it gangsta shit
Get a pen and I turn into Venom
Then I'm
Somewhere O.T. in
Gucci denim
Rocks in a watch so big
Should have let Pookie hit 'em
New Jack City 
Between two black titties
White cat's kitties
Cause the gas price shitty
Funny with good credit?
Fill my gas tank with premium unleaded
Plus got a gettin' head fetish
Ras stay on the block like Tetris
I recreate the six days of creation with my left wrist
South paw, outlaw, outcast, outlast, outwit
Like I'm a Survivor from Auschwitz 

[Chorus: Black Milk]
Niggas see who's comin' and be like, "God damn"
Everything's hotter make 'em holler "God damn"
In the song playin', I got 'em sayin' "God damn"
Play it loud all the hater's mouths sayin' "God damn"
Do you know who I am?
Understand, superstars like a rock band
Royce, Ras Kass, Black, Bishop god damn
Put the block down
Got the game locked down
Rhyme sayers got everybody sayin', "God damn"

[Royce Da 5'9"]
File out, 5'9"s out
Send the dogs out
Send them blogs out
My pace brings fatigue out
Picture perfect flow, brings your flaws out
Tell the coroner, "Throw the towel out"
I got nine's out
Make these niggas pray he finds out
Fuck dudes, trust who
Y'all fools look weirder than Amy Winehouse
I'm bout
S's with the lines through
Lexus with the side view
You don't have to stress it
It'll drive you
Mark y'all
Parallel park y'all
Spark y'all
Put you under the river or shark y'all
They say
"Son is a killer"
Departin' y'all
Black Milk is the second comin' of Dilla
Or should I say the late great
Wonderful Dilla
Pardon y'all
That's that 
This this
On some Phat Kat shit
Carte Blanche, ought not
Try to light this wick
Dynamite stick
Die tonight Bic
I be like...


[Bishop Lamont]
Godfather J I see you. Let's get it! Yeah

If the doe glow like an aura or Aura Borelis
Ice froze, diamonds heavy snow like Superman's palace
B-b-b-b blizzard, I need chains for the traction
Keep the secret, cock the block laws of attraction
Origami makes shape paper I ain't talkin' that
Some to into a bird
I turn into a herd
640 horse power
Fly by, my image blur
Looks like the side effects after Ring's been observed
I never sleep
Live in perpetual light
Know some Rots who insomniacs, ready to bite
Reverse your chromosomes with the chrome or a poem
Neurotic, sonic, couple quad trains off my rap page
Ink prints in sequence
Seven Seal in the days
Navy Seal, water drill
Trained to fight the hardest ways
Combat, gats bash the dome 
Flap or fly but
Snap and get swung
Make your motherfuckin' chest cave
Take my shirt off
Fake, count a nigga off the stage
Hump a bitch, give a shit
Her head wasn't underage
Piss on a couple crumpled dollars and I'm outta there
Outta here
My level rappers ain't no where near 
Y'all ain't even sea level
I'm in another atmosphere
Steady program 
Can't even reach it
Here's a hint
Not a cent
Pocket full of lint
On my dick, talkin' shit
You're lucky Hex ain't get sent