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Artist: Caltroit (Bishop Lamont & Black Milk) f/ Kardinal Offishall, Trek Life
Album:  Black Milk Presents Caltroit
Song:   Everything
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[Intro] [Kardinal Offishall talking]
Bishop, what up my nigga? T Dot is in the area
Yeah, Black Jays and Konvict is in the area
(What up Black Milk?) Yeah, Kardinal

[Verse One]
It's so refreshin' when you hear my voice enter the mic device
My existence to rap is like Sunday to Christ
I'm an affluent member of the cream of the crop
AKA stop rappin', let the bullshit stop
I ignite much burnin' in the hearts of men
Reinstate the faith, hardcore will come again
It's acrobatical, the way I flip my thoughts
Like Ricky Ross flip coke in the 80's boss
I'm all action
Whether on stage or not
The national anthem for T Dot is "Bumbaclot" 
So say it loud, stand up with your fists in the air
If the shoe don't fit, nigga buy a new pair
I was told niggas hate when they don't have shit
They unhappy with the type of success they get
It's a whole new era like my man J-Dee
After bullshittin', hatin', niggas get that money
I defend where I'm from like a Muslim militant
Rob from bitch niggas and I give to the innocent
Like a modern crusader who feels for the youth
I stay classy but sometimes I act uncouth
Like Ol' Dirty with a 40 yellin', "Brooklyn Zoo"
Rest in peace, when I'm actin' a beast, that's for you
With no fear, I embrace my home
And make paper like I share stock tips with Sean Combs
I ain't never sold a key, wasn't really my thing
I sell dreams like I'm kinfolk to M.L. King
With the attitude of Malcolm
Height to string a bell
Connects like Iphone, nigga all is well
I'm so icey
My nature has gone stone cold
I'm old school
I still live by a real code
Stay loyal to your niggas, never snitch, MAN UP
If you get it like I get, nigga put your hands up
Black Jays!

[Chorus] [x2]
Everything I utter
I keep it raw for you
Everyday I made it hot
Year round
Real hip hop back on top
Fuck for formula
Back how we used to rock
Fuck bar structure

[Verse Two] [Bishop Lamont]
Kick a billion bars
Big words, science text books, spit stars
Influenced by Redman, Keith Murray, Nas
Long before +Chicken Noodle Soup+ and fancy cars
Name brands, Biggie made it fresh but y'all niggas made a mess
Helped to slip and fall of rap to it's death
Or lack of
Took it from the basement out the streets to the nightclub
And left it
Ain't nothin' wrong with dancin'
But every fuckin' song you niggas romancin'
Get the current top singer, there's the hook
Get Timbaland or Scott at a video and cook
Ten minutes later, ding, out the oven
Come another dance song, beats soundin' southern
But you ain't southern, nigga you buggin'
Cause back in '96, 2Pac had you thuggin'
It seem to me the industry got an identity crisis
Imitate whatever hot, not what's the nicest
But what entices the purchase, the prices
Sell your soul, let it float till you're lifeless
So rest in piss you won't be missed
Can't reach or teach slow niggas
So it's classed dismissed
And in the end it's just a pad and a pen
Tryin' to time travel, bring the old days back again

[Chorus] [x2]
Everything I utter
I keep it raw for you
Everyday I made it hot
Year round
Real hip hop back on top
Fuck for formula
Back how we used to rock
Fuck bar structure

[Verse Three] [Trek Life]
Makin' a trip out to Grey One, just to cop me some new kicks
Fresh to the finish, vintage lodge city attitude
Bad mouth the old school friends sayin', "He mad at you."
Thanks little dude you keep my laughin'
As I gain latitude
Realize you never really mattered at all
Little chatterin' broad
I'm money magnetic
Feel blessed to be in the man's presence
I'm on the grind like I'm runnin' for election
Thee Obama of this rap shit, here to capture the essence of the eargasm
Wordsmith, you Will Smith actor
A non factor in the grand scheme
Pass you like a Grand Prix at mach speed
You like, "It can't be"
Yes it can, I do it all to get you mad
All the shows, all the tours, all the freshest raps
Overseas, makin' cheese, niggas shut your trap
Where I'm at homie touch the map
I spin the globe
Then conquer wherever it stop at
And I can kill at heavy metal to a pop track
Ensure my longevity and move steadily 
So I'ma let it live and let it be man
And watch my daughter put her first hand prints in the sand
Freestyle off the top of the dome
It's like...
Naaah. I'm just kiddin' man. Let's keep it rollin'. Peace