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Artist: Cali Swag District
Album:  You Need That (S)
Song:   You Need That (Vixens Response)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You need that! (District) [x4]
Fuck you real proper, eat it like a monster, have you screaming papa
Like you singing opera
You need that! [x4]
Fuck you real proper, eat it like a monster, have you screaming papa
Like you singing opera

[Verse 1]
Enough said I dont need no fucking intro
Cause' when I pull my pants down, I'm whipping out a lamo
This bitch just hip me up
She tryna' sneak me through her window
But her pussy played out like Atari and Nintendo!
She did her thang with the brain she went insane
But her dick ridin' was whack! Point blank period
Beat the pussy had this bitch goin' delirious
(Can you eat me out?) Bitch please you serious?
Now on to the next chick, and and and she got bigger tits
But her friend really with this, she told the girl she tryna' hit this
Aye! But thats a different story
Half of these bitches in LA they really start to bore me
I have the baddest bitches give away the horney if I let my dick hang I bet you she will explore me!


[Verse 2]
I need a bitch who can fuck it up, suck till I get a nut
head game strong when I buss she'll lick it up
Let the dick fall hell naw she'll keep it up
A nigga need a bitch who can take it when I beat it up
Goin' all hard, tellin' me can I eat it up? First you gotta back it up
Let a nigga smack it up. Got the pussy drippin' cause' the dick stay actin' up!
All in ya tummy E-40 goin' dummy! Got these bitches runnin' from me!
Bitches screamin' she love me cause' I taught her how to dougie, Dope game like rubby
I, fucked her on a rubby then I passed her to my brodie, left her face all nutty!
Then the shit too funny like GIRL ... Learn how to give it up
Learn how to clean it up, Learn how to speed it up
With my dick in ya butt, Cause' I dont give a fuck probably fuck 3 sluts and if she cant take it..
So Mutha Fuckin' What !


[Verse 3]
I'll have you feen'n for the dick like a addict
I'ma make you bounce on the dick like a rabbit
You'll open up them legs like a cabinet and if the pussy look lavage I'ma turn into a savage
My dick is the bomb like a bag of granades and I'm cum'n in her braids while her body just lays
Like a big bag of chips and my kick I got the flicks
With my dick between her dicks and I came on her lips!
Ha Now you really cant kiss me cause' your mouth is a daycare
Now you really gone miss me cause' the house I took you to..
bitch I dont even stay there! 2 fingers play with it, baby I can get it wet
leaking through the panties like a crack in a dam
You sneaking through the back with a hat and a gram. and I'm chiefing in her pussy all night cause' I can!

[Chorus X8]