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Artist: Cali Swag District
Album:  The District (Mixtape)
Song:   What's Happening
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Niggas on some cold shit

What's happening (waddup), waddup bro (waddup)
What's happening (waddup), waddup hoe
What's happening (waddup), waddup bro (waddup)
What's happening (waddup), waddup hoe
What's happening (waddup), waddup bro (waddup)
What's happening (waddup), waddup hoe
What's happening (waddup), waddup bro (waddup)
When a nigga slidin I'm like waddup hoe

They be like “Smooth”, I'm like “Yea that's me”
Same ol' nigga from hundred an three (yea)
Ain't nuttin changed but d shoes on ma feet
An d way dat I flow when I'm cruisin d beat
Wake dem niggas up cause I know they asleep
Yo bitch be flippin I know she a freak
I don't wanna fuck if I know I can beat em
Sippin on d lace so I'm fallin asleep (ha!)
Same nigga, same zip code
Still ain't no thug but a nigga tryna tip round
Cause every gangs you got niggas gettin chip mode
So I jus went an got a bitch strapped from ma bigelow
Ni-niggas ain't even gon' get close (no!)
So I jus stay shaded like d windows
Ni-nigga had to switch up d whip
An nobody get a stash spot jus to hold a extra clip (ha)
They like “Smooth why you do it to em?” (do what)
I'm like I ain't do shit but I can if they want me to prove it to em (bitch)
Gotta live a butt a bullshit but that don't mean no young nigga cannot stay wid a full clip


Look I'll stay on chill shit, next year me a melt it
Got verses like Bibles, I thank God I'm gifted (thank God)
Kush by the acre, I wake her an bake her
She licked it, I twist it tornado, yea (yea)
4 in ma whip I put 4 in ma drink
If it's 4 in the clip I put 4 where you think?! (yea)
Fuckin these hoes they don't sleep, I sell dreams (no)
Shows overseas I get money that's not green (whatev)
I been, around d world (literally)
Tried out a hundred flows (lyrically)
Ran through a hundred hoes (physically)
Some friends turn into foes (enemies)


Look, alot a niggas lame an I swear to God
Claim to be real but they really fraud (fraud)
Shit don't seem even man these niggas out (fuck it)
I jus keep ma distance an get on ma job
Look, oh what you mad cause I'm stylin on ya?
Got a New York bitch an I'm from California
D homie copped a foreign but he really d owner
An I'm really from d hood, d homies are roun d corner
Ugh, fly nigga do fly shit, wit d same niggas I get high wit
Dem d same niggas I ride wit
Same niggas I fight wit
Prob'ly d same niggas that I die wit (fa real)
To keep dis shit G ma nigga I'm jus tryna get ma paper up
Countin paper till ma fingers get paper cuts
D gunshots had to wake em up (brah, brah, brah)
Different niggas no mistakin us (nah)
What's happening, nigga? But you can't hang wid us (nah)
They feel some type a way I'm gettin rich on em
But I don't give a fuck cause you a bitch homie
Like fuck a fake friend, they'll switch on me (switch on me)
An neva trust a bitch that'll snitch on me