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Artist: Cali Swag District f/ AD, Skeme, Waka Flocka, Young Hootie
Album:  The District (Mixtape)
Song:   We Out Here
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Niggas got dis an dat to say (adrian swish)
Who me? They talkin bout you smooth (who me)
Niggas be runnin they mouth like news crews
I got bitches, gettin hits like blues clues
We just tryna figure out now what we gon' do to em
It's no stressin ova dumb niggas stackin on they deficit high
Just so I can look down on you bum niggas
I'll neva run nigga or hold ma tongue bitch
Hit a bitch, get a bitch, sprung quick I'm done wid it
We out here, nigga! you not here nigga
You lookin fo' backup, betta back up nigga
Got some burnt out niggas that'll act up nigga
Bottles come heavyweight, an dese sucka niggas they hatin

I ain't trippin or anything, not stressed or bipolar, all I'm worried bout is paper
I'm in d fast lane, headin to d doe, what you sittin fo' let a nigga know
Yea homie we be out till dawn (get doe! get doe!)
Yea homie we be out till dawn (get doe! get doe!)

Here I go, ain't turnin down nuttin! (nuttin)
Got ma dallaz up so dese niggas steady fussin
Need you some bitch? (what), actin like a rachet we know you see him hit it wid a ratchet
Now instagram that mothafucka! (mothafucka!)
Think you rich wid a rag mothafucka! (mothafucka!)
I spend that much on a tab mothafucka! (mothafucka!)
We gettin money where it's at mothafucka! (mothafucka!)
Out here, you gotta be concrete, soft niggas don't want beef
You got d big money don't talk cheap
D homie pass fo' some rags on d back street
I run a bitch like a athlete, she say she love me I say that's deep (ha!)
I'm out here like all week! Watch me get it like I'm off beat


Molly's on her tongue (tongue), hundreds on the floor (floor)
A box sayin hot chains sayin here I go
Got d money in ma robbins I be gettin fanmail
You can't fuck wit me! I can't fuck wit ma damn self
(Is she yo wifey?) But she mine at the function
Maa chain insomniac, you neva see it tucked in
Watch loaded and I'm owned it nigga!
Take a nigga shine, what you gon' do nigga! (swish)
Woo! Here I go!
Nigga say they puttin work in every year they don't
Be d same mothafuckaz every year they broke
You can bet yo last dolla every year I go, where d mina?!
Dese comptowns can't be speak my name 2 gs to get you
No PR they go only ER, boy rap niggas ain't wit you
Ain't bout dat life, ain't seen no war, don't want no issues
Ain't shinin no hoes, I be crying up dem hoes keep throwin tissues