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Artist: Cali Swag District f/ Problem, Tiffany Foxx Mastered
Album:  The District (Mixtape)
Song:   Shake Somethin'
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Turn up king, bad bitch dream
Ring a bitch bell with this ding-a-ling-a-ling
Balling on my team, all day trap
Hit em bad, they hopin I leave my kids there like a day camp
(Huh) shinin brighter than a big lamp
We-we-we loud like let's hit up to a big amp
Blowin in yo face, put my heavy weight ace
Ride me down, slap me round, that pussy like a race
Shawty like Snoop, mur-mur-murder was the case though
Little caliente, nina with my pesos
Gun by the caseload, die fo’ I change hoes
Racks on racks, all stacks shit came for
We can get it like we do
If you getting money then yell "me too"
Yell "me too", yell "me too"
Hit that mothafuckin girl if I missed her D2

I'm a throw this money, I need you to shake som’n
Look, ima take yo money and then ima shake som’n
Look, ima throw this money, I need you to shake som’n
Ima take yo money and then ima a shake som’n
Shake som’n, shake som’n [x2]
Shake som’n, shake som’n, shake som’n, shake som’n
Shake som’n, shake som’n [x2]
Shake som’n, shake som’n, shake som’n, shake som’n

Cali Swag, lil mama twerk
She be getting money, she be puttin in work
I say she on, she on her shit
She bring that ass up then she drop it to a split
And she look good, and she look good
That's yo little bitch coming straight up out the hood
My nigga, she bangin, throw it up bangin
She hit me with the bullshit and then she bangin
I lost my mind, twerkin on vine
Instagram video, twerkin online
Here blow the time, make that pecan
Ass so big, they move without tryin
I ain't gotta rap got a ball playa nigga in the trap
Credit card black is all that I attract
As a matter of fact, pull up, Panamera Maybach
Watch me hold 100 bands, can you imagine dat


My bitch got a booty like a hypo
She a freak on the low, I got d info
Lil bitch love to eat hot Cheetos
She got me comin out my drawers, no speedo
I love a bitch that luh to take weiner
Drive a BMW or beamer
She in the seg cause her older brother bang
But she gon’ rep D&G gang
And when she pull up to the club she kill
She keep a blunt and she keep her drink filled
Everybody tryna hit it on the low
A quick quickie, ima hit it on the go (I gotta go)
I'm in the bad bad bitch contest ugh!
On Instagram every day she flex ugh!
Body right, pussy tight, get wet ugh!
Pop a molly, let yo body keep sweatin ugh! woo!