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Artist: Cale Sampson
Album:  The Big Picture
Song:   The Money Song
Typed by: @Cale_Sampson

"Banks get bailed out ( we get sold out )" X 4
"The people united will never be defeated" X 8

[Verse One]
In Seventeen-seventy-five, the American
Revolutionary war began
Because King George the Third of England had banned
The independent interest-free currency system
That the colonies used and produced on their own
Forcing them to instead borrow money as loans
From the Central Bank of England, at interest
Which would immediately put their country into debt
Eight years later America won
Their freedom and independence from England
But their battle against the central bank system
And it's corrupt nature had only just begun
Cuz' by the early Nineteen-Hundreds, a few
Central banks had been created and removed
And at this time, the most dominant men
Were J.D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan
Paul Warburg and Baron Rothschild
Who colluded at a place called Jekyll island
After manufacturing a financial panic
That the public didn't know had actually been planned as
The spark, they needed to initiate their plan
Of implementing another central bank yet again
And in Nineteen-Ten a meeting occurred
In secrecy between these rival bankers
This is where the Federal Reserve Act was written
By bankers and not by politicians
A cartel agreement to stop competition
And make money from nothing with the Government's permission
A central banking bill was constructed
And fronted as keeping the public protected
But this couldn't be further from the truth
Because private monopoly was at it's very root
In Nineteen-Thirteen, Woodrow Wilson
Became president than he signed this bill in-to
Law for the bankers, as an exchange
For the financial support they gave to his campaign
This is when the government's power ended
And control of their money supply was surrendered
To the Federal reserve, a central bank
Just like the founding fathers had fought to escape
Cuz' for the last hundred years, and still currently
The Fed loans the government all its currency
With automatic interest attached to it all
So that ever paying off the debt is impossible
A privately owned agency that decides
How much dollars in circulation is supplied
As well as controlling the interest rates
Means it controls the whole U.S. economy's fate
And today, the federal reserve still refuses
To send their budget for congress to review it
There's almost no regulation or oversight
By government, so the Fed does whatever it likes
With the Country's and it's taxpayers money
The fact it's never been audited just stuns me
Cuz' the public, don't even elect the chairmen
People like Ben Bernanke n' Alan Greenspan
Who basically make all financial decisions
That dictate the state which we all have to live in
Cuz' they're at the top, not politicians
And were just the pawns in this central bank system

"The people united will never be defeated" X 8
"Banks get bailed out ( we get sold out )" X 8

[Verse Two]
The global recession in Two thousand and eight
Doubled the national debt of the United States
And due to international financial markets
It cost the rest of the world, trillions of dollars
As millions lost their life savings and homes
Foreclosures and unemployment rose
While the C.E.O's, who caused the crash
Walked away from it with their fortunes intact
Once wall street got bailed out and saved
They were supposed to use that money to create
New jobs, by lending it to small businessmen
So that an economic recovery could begin
Instead the big banks just kept all the cash
And used it to pay huge bonuses to their execs
Then used it, to take over smaller banks
And profited cuz' there's no one to compete against
In the U.S., banks are now bigger than ever
and more powerful due to fewer competitors
While the financial sector's worked harder than before
After the crisis, to fight any reform
The banking lobbyists basically own
Congress and influence how everything is controlled
Even Barrack Obama's largest campaign donor
Was Goldman Sachs who gave him a million dollars
With ten million from Wall Street combined
On his way to becoming President in oh nine
So no matter how eloquent his speeches were
He's still beholden to these power brokers
That's why after taking office, his staff
Was filled with former people from Goldman Sachs
And he named the same men as his advisors
Who were key players in causing the crisis
Such as Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner
Who both helped to create this financial nightmare
Now potential for conflicts of interest are large
Cuz' the whole situation is still ripe for fraud
The CEO's who scammed beyond belief
And should be going to jail are allowed to walk free
Cuz' not a single one of those executives
Have been prosecuted or ever arrested
Instead, were still in their stranglehold
And this needs to change as soon as possible
Cuz' the whole world is basically bankrupt now
And in debt to itself owing impossible amounts
The only way to stop this from destructing
Is by increasing real world production
Which has to grow, faster each day
To keep pace with all the debt that our world creates
But there's not enough resources on the earth
To keep this going on forever, it's not gonna work
That's why Mathematically there's a pending crash
And our entire money system's on the verge of collapse
While the world at large still remains blind
To how the banking system is controlling our lives
Through never ending debt and there's no way out
It's important the public starts to figure this out
It's the most important subject in fact
For people to understand and begin to look at
Cuz' our whole way of life now, just may be doomed
Unless some of these problems are fixed very soon

"Banks get bailed out ( we get sold out )" X 8
"The people united will never be defeated" X12