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Artist: Cadence
Album:  Songs of Vice & Virtue
Song:   Comin' Back
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Yo this is bigga than rap this is a revolution
It's a social political counterculture movement
And I ain't here to get no iced out necklace
I'm here to make sure the people choose who's elected
I want to male these young cats rock the ballots
Cause y'all gonna be the ones front line in these battles
And y'all gonna be the ones fightin these wars for us
I think we all need a leader that y'all can trust
Look, I'm a young cat but when I watch TV
Every soldier that I see is way younger than me
My little brother is 18 now think about this here
Dude can take a bullet but he can't drink a beer
Look I believe in the cause the stripes and the stars
But at the end of the day, this country is ours
And if we don't fight we're gonna lose it man
Your freedom wasn't free, don't abuse it man

I'm coming back hip hop is my home
I've been out of the game for way too long
It's good to see y'all, I'm glad you held on
But it's time to leave so get the hell on
I'm back man (No I'm not Batman)
I'm back man (I'm definitely not Shaq man)

I see a man with a beautiful wife and kids
Perfectly content with the life he lives
He doesn't deal with copyrights and licenses
Nobody cares how good or bad his writing is
When he goes out to get the mail he smiles and waves
Right next door but he seems miles away
Cause my everyday is filled with this tiring game
Of trying to remain sane while acquiring fame
And all I ever wanted to do was make music
God blessed me with a gift, I've got to use it
But some don't respect the art so they abuse it
They need a hit but they need me to produce it
Cats talk about changing the game like it's some new shit
The game been the same for deep dude get used to it
You ain't thinking bout the future you're a nuisance
99 percent of these rap cats is useless

(Repeat Chorus)
I'm back man (No I'm not pac man)
I'm back man (No I'm not black man)

I hat to see ignorance, illiterates
Closed minded individuals, they're idiots
And all I hear is how bad our kids is
Well why did Jesus say that we should be like them then?
And everybody thinks they know best
How you gonna teach, you don't even know me yet
You don't know my goals or what I want to do
And all I know is I don't want to be like you
You're a good example though of what not to be
Thank God these suckers ain't got to me
I ain't in school cause I ain't got to be
Matter fact my flow too damn hot to be
Haters I shake them off and I do what I do
If you're dead weight hanging I can do without you
I'll be a self made man do it all on my own
This feels good dog just like home, come on

(Repeat Chorus)
I'm back man (I want to bone Anna Paquin)
I'm back man (For my folks in Iraq man)