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Artist: Caddillac Tah f/ Black Child
Album:  You Lose 12"/POV City Hustler *
Song:   You Lose 
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* - album not avail. before 2/26/2002 (only this single will be published)

[Caddillac Tah]
POV City!, uh
Yeah, Gangster
Come on, yo, uh 

[Verse 1: Caddillac Tah]
Yo, niggas I pop 'em because my hood is filled wit' hustlers than robbers
Glocks & revolvers
It's Pearl Harbor 
In the saga
It begins 
Nigga never ended
So if you ever visit 
POV City!
You know we get grinnin' 
When the cracks get bubbled
The stacks get doubled
It's spots get ready 
& we strip the sign after days
I pick 'em up & shake 'em let the dice 
Beat the deuce twice
Get 'em for a 3 real quick 
& spin for the chips
Might even blow it on a dumb bitch
Cause I just wanna have fun
With the way she lick her tongue
It's murder! Nothin' gonna stop the pain
It's murder! Forever on top we stand
My options went 
Days bend 
Over it's only 1 life
1 way to live it out
Nigga gun play it out there
Figure out
The nigga out
It's my life so I'm livin' out 
The raps you spittin' out 
Player, POV City blues

[Chorus 2 Times: Caddillac Tah]
Nigga, you lose 
When I got the POV City blues
You lose
When I take the casket jewels
Nigga, you lose
Cause I ain't got nothin' to lose
So play by the rules
Or get lift out your shoes
POV City

[Verse 2: Black Child]
We gutter gangsters 
POV City hustlers
Predicate gutters 
Repeat felony gun busters
It's murder motherfucker!
Who be in the hood like me
Sellin' raw lethal
To more poor people 
POV City!
We a bite the hand that feed you
& What are hoes?
Are ridiculous, they be on the block shootin' 5 over stupid shit
You think I'm cupid bitch
That ain't it
It's the bling from the Benz, from the rim 
From the whip
They'd be fiendin' for the dick
When I'm leanin' in the 6
Me & Tah Murdah skemin' on the brick
It's a hood in every hood
Nigga, don't get it confused
But you lose 
When they feel the POV City blues

[Chorus 2 Times]