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Artist: Clinton Sparks f/ 2 Chainz, D.A. Wallach, Macklemore
Album:  Disco Ball & Chain
Song:   Gold Rush
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[2 Chainz] Yeah~!

[Chorus: D.A.]
You want this money (yeah!)
Come take it from me (yeah!)
Won't stop at nothing
You're a gold gold rush, girl
You chasing paper (yeah!)
You almost famous (yeah!)
Fuck all them haters
You're a gold gold rush, girl

[2 Chainz]
2 Chainz!
You can have the hoe
Got her in my phone no panties on
When she leave me she gon' need a perm
Throat lozenges and need a comb (true)
Uhh, princess is the material
I'm fly, I'm aerial
If you're a centerfold, I'm like here we go
I pass it to my dog like a give-and-go really though
I'm 'bout this paper (this paper)
What you been thinkin? (What you been thinkin?)
She like my head
The one below my navel (oooh!)
I'm livin major (major)
And you a hater (you!)
Fuck yo' hatin ass parents nigga (fuck 'em!)
Because they made ya, haha


[Interlude: D.A.]
Yes you are (yeah yeah yeah)
Yes you are (yeah yeah yeah)
Yes you are
Gold gold rush, girl

No Dolce Gabbana, Prada, not buyin it
No nada won't holler, goin in for my pockets
Gold-diggin in my wallet, you better holler at Ross
I'm not coppin them all, I'm still shoppin at Ross
Still tryin to spend a little bit of Mark Morrison
+Return of the Mack+, blap, then break that ass off
Give me some Keith Sweat, ease back go off
I'm dry humpin that kneecap 'til they scream "LAST CALL!"
(Aw shit!) She starts chuggin some vodka
She's thinkin I'm Ryan Gosling
And these type of girls are crazy, you gotta watch 'em
Wanted the Denzel, ended up fuckin Waka
I step out the El Dorado
I know you don't love me you just love my poncho
My girl's back at home posted up at the condo
Doesn't mean that we can't ménage though
Let's go

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[D.A. Wallach]
Baby you can wear my chain
You can take your picture by my car
All your friends can drop my name
Cause tonight you're gonna be a star (yes you are)

[Chorus] + [Interlude]