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Artist: C-Rayz Walz & Parallel Thought
Album:  Chorus Rhyme
Song:   Leo Chorus
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I must be the king
You be
Be the king
I must be the king
Be the king
I must be the king
You be
Be the king
I must be the king
Be the king

[Verse One]
I'm not a human being
I'm a human doing
Watchin' these humans movin' through these rooms and ruins
Dust to dust
In the cut without puss
We +Peroxide+
What's hip hop without us?
My verse is pregnant
With so much contractions
That I'ma give birth to a segment
The kid Rayz wanna raise kids
Fuck a racist
That pencil mind state need erasers
Adults thinkin', "The youth is so evil"
The kids thinkin', "Fuck them stupid old people!"
My angels are with me forever
I look at the big picture
And it's the angles I treasure
I hang with the bums
Of course my slang bang in the slums
I am the remaining one
My fans think I'm rich because they seein' the wealth
You started rhymin' so you wouldn't have to be yourself


I watch porn in fast forward
So I can see what's coming/cumming
Cause sometimes sex in nothing/nutting
Put on some old school shit
Protect the youngin
I'm bugged out
Walz is the best at buggin'
My advice to all
Big, short, little or tall
I Skribble Jams on walls next to bathroom stalls
I'm a rock star
Like yo, hit the cymbals harder
In the pri-lands, God, I am Simba's father

Simba, remember. There are things in the world to discover
When you love yourself
It is easy to love another
Overstand, things are not always what they seem
See them for what they are. And remember, you be. You are your king


[Verse Three]
Peace to Rosie The Riveter
We all political prisoners
Waitin' for God to deliver us
Waitin' for lies
We look to the skies and wonder why
Jesus don't visit us
Study my thesis
Till it's anti-left
If my blindness help me see
Why can't I rep?
They cut off your mind
When you work with your hands
When you work with your mind
They cut off your hands
Everybody loves a quitter so I stop smokin' stogs
And fixed myself up in that broken home
Equipped with truth
Life is difficult
Cause like the Roto Rooter man I got shit to do
I'm Hype Lee
With Thai Chi discipline
Got white teens listenin' to I-Ching penmanship
Truth to behold, the golden soldier molded once
Pieces, the beginning to the old so
If you love my music, I love you back
Cause my music is actually me
If you a thug or a nerd, white or black
I C-Rayz/see rays universally
I don't need to bling to do my thing
I'm royalty, so I must king