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Artist: C-Note f/ E-Rock, G-Ride
Album:  Street Fame
Song:   Keep Talk'n
Typed by: Lil Hustle

For all them niggaz, who keep talking that shit
Hit him in his head, give his ass a soul kiss
For all them niggaz, who keep talking that shit
But you don't wanna fuck with this
For all them niggaz, who keep talking that shit
You know I represent, with this Screwed Up Click
So go on nigga, keep talking that
But you don't wanna fuck with this

Nigga I'm dropping off, and picking up like I'm Pizza Hut
Got them boys for ten bricks, now they piecing up
I'm in this game, yeah I made it off of street fame
Adding fuel to the fire, with my street name
You niggaz do it sloppy, niggaz carbon copy
I'm mobbing with the best, I'm staying down with Botany
You niggaz mean mugging, acting like you hot as me
Knowing damn well, I keep the strap on side of me
When niggaz get to bumping, you know I get to dumping
Bitch niggaz, act like you wanna start some'ing
Act like you got a heart or some'ing
I tell that hoe bitch you part of some'ing, and I ain't even fronting
I smoke endo-do sweets, on a solo creep
I put your ass in the trunk, like the throwedest beats
I know you thinking, who put you up to this
Knowing damn well, that you can't fuck with this


Ay yo I'm stuck in this shit, and ain't no way that I can quit now
I'm married to the game, this bitch got me on lockdown
I'm serious dog, I don't really think you feel me
Even if I exit out the game, they still wanna kill me
Shit eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Mo'fucker fuck with me, then I fuck with you
Fuck with your crew, make it hard to sleep at night
Got you thinking if Rock, gon' pay a visit that night
Mob style, wake you up with a gun in your mouth
Me and a couple of other killers, renegading your house
Just standing there staring at you, without saying shit
Got you scared as fuck, your life in suspense
Only one thang on your mind, for sho' the reaper's coming
You been running all your life, but this time it's no running
And you woulda never guessed, in a million years the day that you die
The last face that you'd see, would be mine


I'm self sufficient staying wicked, hitting licks I'm in the kitchen
Representing I be pimping, steady dipping on a mission
 20 inches plenty bitches, simply flipping getting riches
Empty clips in any snitches, who be tricking with my digits
Nigga listen to this pimping, Southside for life
You bumping gums licking numb, we gon' ride tonight
I bleed blocks keep my heat cocked, keep a weed spot
Can a bury G-Ride, C-Note E- Rock
We drop bombs, niggaz got the game fucked up
They making bullshit, they seen on the screens uncut
And for what, to act just like you banking G's
So motherfuck who you portray, or who you claim to be
It ain't no easy way out, it's just choices to make
Do the crime do the time, don't be fraud and fake
Get your cakes baby pimping, never trust a bitch
And all you evil eyed niggaz, you don't wanna fuck with this come on

[Hook - 2x]