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Artist: C-Note f/ Botany Boys, Botany B.G.'s
Album:  Street Fame
Song:   Clover G's
Typed by: Lil Hustle

They're just the niggaz out the Clover
Push Benz and Lexus, and Range Rovers
Ten thousand dollar pinky ring
Got diamond grills and piece and chain

We just them niggaz, out the Clover
We catching out and stretching out in a Range Rover, you'll never catch me sober
I'm on the scene, steady smoking and leaning
I keep a fist full of green, and plenty starch in my jeans
I ain't mad at ya haters, cause y'all do what y'all can
I ain't saying I'm the man, but don't fuck with the Land
We ain't playing, we watching naked flicks on the vibe
Botany Boys on the rise, and we platinumized

Don't be surprised, this game's over
Chunking up the Clover, in a strict Range Rover
Switching lanes over, put syrup in a plain soda
Drop Benz on Lorenz, while pinky rings hang over
Will-Lean the same soldier, Jag wood grain holder
Now the games and Playstation, with the V-12 motor
Cellular Motorola, piece and chain holder
Calico unload, will make your block rain boulders


Nigga we shining grinding, popping trunks and reclining
Jacking suckers for they hoes, make em hustle and minding
Yeah it's D-Red nigga Chino, puff a pound with Luciano
Breaking fools off, grip the grain up on the boulo'
Cause you know, them big shots pack big glocks make fat knots
52 deep out the Clover, on the candy yacht
Sailing overseas, sipping drank puffing trees
With the B.G.'s we count G's, flip Bentleys with a set of three's

[B.G. Duke]
I'm B.G. Duke, just a nigga out the Clover
With a Bentley a Jag, and two Range Rovers
Mansion condo, hydro and three chauffeurs
A glock 44, and calico in my holster
Quick to blast huh, so watch the way you approach me
Flipping with D.Z., in a two tone trophy
Sipping a eight and a one liter, that's my thug passion
Botany and a four leaf clover, I'm devoted


[Lil' 3rd]
B.G. 3rd, a day one Clover nigga
R.I.P. Gator and Urkle, I blaze one for my niggaz
Pay dues made moves, for six figgas
Spray tools lay fools for my Clover niggaz, I'm a Clover soldier nigga
Flossing 19's and 20's, on Lexus and Rovers
Feel us I'm a safe and bout killer, walk it how I talk it nigga
If it ain't the endo, then don't need to much spark it nigga
Catch me at the front show, steady slacking my parking nigga

Like we say for the Clover, we explode like octane
With po' bitches that's Donna Karen, with diamonds in watch ring
You can catch me on the block, we'll have hoes and watch mayn
Disrespecting our riches, got guns that shoot flames
You know it's making cash forever, that Bentley gon' look good
With leather wet black, popped up gripping on wood
Screens fall at the same time, as I turn on my blue lens
You know the niggaz out the Clover, stack ends and set trends nigga


[Lil' Flip]
Ay in New Orleans, they throwing up they soldier rags
In H-Town, we throwing up our Clover flags
You might see me in a 2000, holding Jag
I can do that, nigga cause I'm folding cash
It don't matter what I drop, I'll be rolling glass
You looking at my bumper kit, watch me fold it back
I'm Lil' Flip, and I got ice in my grill
Some of y'all niggaz fake, my life is for real what

Say mayn we all from the same tree, and if it's beef
We knocking out the same teeth, so beat your feet
If you walking down the same street, we packing heat
Delete niggaz life incomplete, they obsolete
Don't be fucking with them boys out that Clover, I told ya
We leaving them stains on niggaz brains, like some dosha
Whether the Bentley, or if it's the Range Rover
I roll with soldiers, knocking heads off of shoulders nigga