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Artist: Camouflage Large Clique f/ 21 Gunz
Album:  Cocbacda 9/Hitmen Holdin Steel 12"
Song:   Hitmen Holdin Steel
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[The Assassin]
Let me get this off my chest
I'm tired of all these niggaz tryin to flex
Walkin around like you're big men and you cant get bodied yet
I'm hear to let you know that I pack a black gat
On spare times, I kicks raps
That makes a niggaz wanna murder, black
Not Al Pachino, but a real scarface
I done cut so many niggaz, that my name should be razor blade
So, be afraid, when when I come through with my gat
Cuz your bones'll be scattered on the floor from hollow points, black
The Assassin, a nice talkin villian
who could mix mad killings and hang bodies from the ceiling
I'm illing, and if you want a raw
bring it on and I'll bet you
I'll turn your shit into a black ugly split

[Razen Kane]
I spits, kills like bitches get their earrings snatched
Come down with that only gun, waiting with the 44 berret
Slaughtering niggaz, body's tonned
My flow waits, throws weights as old as the sun
Known as the suave likes some killing
First name is Razen and last name is Kane
The album, all the bitch styles that come through
Attack through your system like you had atomic flu
The mind killer, the glock pealer
Keep my timbo's dragging, and the 45 for action
The god has rocked, from here to the east
Never got shot, but got locked by the beast
Roll with the NARC's, and hang with with the dungeonists
Beats some of them, 21 Gunz licking cannabis

[21 Gunz]
Bomb.. bomb.. another lick shot to the med
Messin with these please, with tomb tomb, leave em dead

I'm taking no prisoners, Four-Fif is stepping in your area
Causing mass hysteria, my mission is to bury you
Mission accomplished, flesh i haunt this, guns I grip
Bring your click to their knees when my clips spit
And get ate, no matter who you bring for back-up
My peoples have tracked for the first nigga to act up
You have dropped the flavor, that made you a believer
For putting niggaz on growing pains and Maggie Seaver
So, If you wanna test, say no more, just come
You'd better have more guns than Jordan got M-1's
If not, you get rocked by 16 shots, dice dropped on the spot
Decapitated from your top, we stand, proudest as thieves, my man
Whats the theme, getting cream and the deadly routine with my team

Now first of all, I never shot nobody
They're telling me that the pope was god
I see him at his next party, make me murder him
Killer illuminati thoughts, make it a bloodsport
I'm famous in the black hoods
They televise and lies, I'm in to play your guys
Its easy your wearing a tie, I choke him until he cries
The speed of revolution, the only solution
Instead of boosting bullshit, let's take Houston
Do it in the east, it's never peace, make him one of the deceased
Go back to the days of crease, matching leaf patches
We came far, this time artillery's filling me
Blast cops be the bar, it's our club
Hip hop universe, 16er's they do the dirty work
This is where the evil lerks
So, I scramble some plan to dismantle the man
Trying to slip a mickey, its rage on his hands

Another day gone, another hit to be written
Another beat made, another clip to be spitten

*Gang Starr sample scartching*

[White Al]
Aiyyo, I'm hear to make it know that White-Al's on the scene
Like a dream your perception's very varied, I'm Loensteen
In your face, I erase all expressions like an art
On the chart, I'm ready to do my thing and rip your mind apart
I'm the dart, your the target, boy you need to watch it
I get my style that hits you in the head, I gets retarded
For instance, certainly I'm know to go the distance
I'm in this, yo, murder is the key but I'm not finished
I'm a menace to the mic, blows spost like dynamite
Keep it tight, when I write, heads turn when I strike

[21 Gunz]
Now, who could it be, take a guess, coming through the line
Close to dungeon or escape from the 5th ward
Lost my soul at the tender age of nine
Took remorse in the feelings, my heart became blind
I guns your mind, coming from Brooklyn watch your back
Just like I shadow, yes we lerk close behind
It's time to reveal, assasinating styles
That reflect the feel of hitmen holdin steel