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Artist: Clyde Carson
Album:  Playboy
Song:   No Sleep
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Aye, treat me like a King I deserve to be pampered
Came too far to be living like Sanford, rare Bre
Gettin pussy on campus, told me when she me
Can't wait to turn cash in, carefree
Effortless, I don't live by glide
Clyde Drexler shit
Really MJ bout mine without the extra years
All acting planning gonna have extra tears
We back to back on the highway
Really on the hunt, dawg
Hit about five states, gone for a month
Blowin' bomb in the SS, got a hair press, holdin up a face
Put her hand: "are we there yet?"
Sun down, high hopes pullin' into town

No sleep
No sleep
No sleep

I ain't ask for this, you chose up
Before you came around, I been good
You wanna hang around like clothes, huh?
Betta hang yo ass, oh, I should
I need another break to froze up
Fucked around and stole a Rolex
I came around with both the dozer
She ain't even know I had that
Slick moves, need some tissues shittin' on 'em, sittin' on 'em
Rims cuttin' up the block when they bend the corner
Call the coroner, American Muscle and got foreigner
So basically, you are
Can't complain when you moving too slow
Say he treat you so bad like Club Luvon
Under yo eyes is bad, but the dough is up

No sleep
No sleep
No sleep
No sleep