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Artist: Cali Agents
Album:  How the West Was One
Song:   Neva Forget
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[ VERSE 1: Planet Asia ]
I heard you went platinum on your first album
But tell me this: why is it now I heard you only sold about 200'000?
Now what's that tellin you?
That your fans was never down
Got you wonderin now
'Maybe I shoulda stayed underground?'
But you can't come back, cause real rap fans, they hate you
You over-did your image, now you can't stay true
All glittery and shiny lookin empty on the camera
With nothin to say, dancin with the mic like who..?
Y'all cats done fell off, and we in this for the long term
20 years from now the Cali Agents still burn
Next to whoever doubt dare the rep through
Planet Asia, Rasco, Cali Agents ghetto respect due

Never forget where you came from
Never forget where you got your name from
And the game from
The laws of nature won't bless you
You'll be forever unprotected
Rasco, Planet Asia, yeah, ghetto respected	(2x)

[ VERSE 2: Rasco ]
Hey yo, praise the king, the real thing
I be ready to bring the quick swing like I'm still 16
28, out of the gate
I tried to reach y'all but couldn't relate
We in a whole other state
While you niggas still battlin
The illest MCs you cats really ain't challengin
We on the mic, better get it in flight
You know excactly how it's done, we be keepin it tight
Yo, you keep it real, I be cuttin the deals
I bring it right up to your chest, give you somethin to feel
Still they wanna test, still dissin the West
The first thing that I learned: never listen to press
Because only as good as your last LP
The next time out your ass couldn't sell three
Now it's for free, the price came down quick
I flip it around and make the shit sound sick
Remember where you came from. don't act dumb
When a nigga ask
If you do it for the cash
Let it be known, I know half of y'all fake
The other y'all take the whole damn cake


[ VERSE 3: Planet Asia & Rasco ]
Now who the fuck said the West can't rock?
It's Cali Agents in the house, y'all niggas best just jock
For all y'all fake-ass industry niggas that ride dicks
Of certain clicks, get a load of this brand new shit
Yeah, hot off the press, never settle for less
We bend half-assed niggas for a person undressed
The best, we double-team now livin a dream
And now you lookin at some shit that ain't never been seen
Befo', full-grown kings connect to get dough
But yo, the cash and the ass ain't the only thing we spit fo'
It's on again, it's back to emceeing again
Now I can walk through my own hood with a g in my pants
Cuffed up tight better, start livin it right
We here to take this whole thing to ridiculous heights
We might give it to some that can give it some run
But you can never ever forget exactly where you came from