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Artist: Buttatones
Album:  Terror 12"
Song:   Terror
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[hook: I was a terror since the public school] (cuts by Marley Marl)

I was a terror since the public school era
kicked outta class for givin' teachers a lecture
nasty battle scars yo the mic is my weapon
dead wack emcees sabotage they whole session
obnoxious before grabbin asses on the lunch line
pigs cant chase ive escaped more than one time
from the streets,rip you on ya own beat
tauntin' emcees performin callin em weak
cuttin ya mic (gimme that) you aint holdin it right
I'm that kid in the crowd you call a little to hype
burn ya book in a blaze while you try to read the trash
no good, you aint great, they lied you bein gassed
when I'm live in the flesh you can die any sec
avoid my badside, slide to the left
destroy you (check) cut you off mid-sentence
destroy emcees before I even make my entrance


I been a terror since hangin wit them derelicts
If I let you live consider it generous
Im most definite your not sure who you are
Im on top of the world you on the floor of the bar
If you wann battle must agree to risk ya life
Im blowin up spots a terrorist on the mic
rappers think they can lipsynch at the show
emcees know how to hold energy to control
the fans feel me ,put aside the wack rappers
howd the term underground get turned to backpackers
to the listeners,  thanks for keeping it alive
thank Marley Marl for makin sure it got revived
TONES gettin live is a sight for sore eyes
war cries when I kill everything thatís born dies
as the thought flies connects wit burn of bullet
the realest come through on my words to the fullest


I was a terror since holla replaced one time
Obnoxious before grabbin asses on the lunchline
Came up wit my fam L BLAZE and BEAT  BOX
cipherin' on the corner of boom bap and rooftops
blame ghostwriters for changing the game
only want the true heads left sayin my name
The industry defines freestyle as hop on a beat
I'm vibin after real Freestyles became obsolete
paint the image of the words  art im designin
the pictures come to life in the bars that im rhymin
starving im grindin rockbottom come and find me
surface wit ya head in my hand lookin grimy
I'm on the throne if you can have the crown (what)
The time is now you can pass that down (uh)
Been bangin teachers since the public school era
Callin all emcees Who can do better?