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Artist: Bushwick Bill
Album:  Phantom of the Rapra
Song:   Phantom's Theme
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Female Publicist]
Bushwick, I gotta get this bio done
The record company keeps calling me up

[Bushwick Bill]
{*Bushwick sighs deeply*} Whatever

[FP] Look, Bushwick
[FP] You know I'm cool with you
[BB] Right
[FP] But you know how the press is, the media
[FP] They...
[BB] Yeah yeah yeah
[FP] They don't understand rap
[FP] and they certainly don't understand you
[BB] Right?
[FP] So, I just gotta ask you some questions for the new bio
[BB] Aight, make it quick, what is it?
[FP] Cool! Okay, first question Bushwick
[FP] Why did you decide to name the album "Phantom of the Rapra?"

[Bushwick Bill]
Well I named it "Phantom of the Rapra" cause I like opera
And it deals with sex, rape, violence, incest and suicide
Y'know? And it's accepted by the same people that are willing to ban rap
When rap is opera, to people in in the ghetto
Cause we're dealing with the same issues

[Female Publicist]
Okay, I can understand about rap and opera y'know "Rapra"
But.. Bushwick, where does the Phantom come from?
Where does the Phantom fit in?

[Bushwick Bill]
HEH~! It's a secret

[Female Publicist]
Bushwick, what are the secrets, that are hidden in the temple?

[Bushwick Bill]
{*more laughter as the intro ends*}