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Artist: Bushwick Bill f/ Menace Clan
Album:  Phantom of the Rapra
Song:   Inhale Exhale
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*laughter and people talk smoking for 32 seconds*}

[Menace Clan]
Look what I did, I scored a lid, now I'm high as fuck
It's that smoke that deep down my throat, damn near bust a gut
What the fuck? Thought I heard truck crash through my room
Damn near pissed my Fruit of the Looms man

Nigga you be tweakin every weekend we have smokeouts, chokeouts
What did I tell you about smokin that shit?
Pass it to me so I can take a hit (alright)
Inhale, fry my brain cells; exhale, light another joint
Oh well, I'm not Bill Clinton so 

I just inhale
Until I'm full of smoke, 'til my mind feels high
When I'm always 'bout to choke... 

(Smoke somethin)

[Bushwick Bill]
Can't get none, this one got my name on it
Von Bushwicken Bill, roll another smoke together
I'm gon' kill this one, I've got to get my mind tight
So I can bust this shit right
Can't see the stage through the fog

[Menace Clan 1]
I stepped into a cloud of smoke
Choke, I get fucked up off gin, then, do it again
Now I'm drinkin Hennessy, menacey L.A. in, hittin indo
Po' mo, drink into, my fuckin cup
If you, look at my eyes you can see that I'm fucked up
But can I hit that, I'm with that six-pack
That shit that you smokin too
Oooh! That's info, I'm from South Central we smoke good shit
Nigga you can't see me in rappin you smokin bullshit
I'm down with Bushwick, took shit, to that other level of the game
When I get high off Mary Jane, cause

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Menace Clan 2]
All of the smoke you got moffled on another one
Cuz done got me floatin, smokin with the Jetsons
Every second is a hour, every hour is a century
I'm from South Central so you know I'm thinkin violently
Crizzime hizzihme, got this shit like Vietnam
Niggaz blastin shit, leavin it like napalm
Hit it, pass it back, I'm on this shit like crack
You lucky that you smokin fool, this my only back
Motherfucker, so why you wanna suck shit up?

[Bushwick Bill]
I don't give a fuck
You made mistakes before, now it's in the hands of Chuckwick
I've got to get my shit lit
You know I'm not gon' pass it
So why the fuck you askin?
Ain't nothin happenin, you best to blaze your own Gus
Cause I'm the last motherfucker that you ever wanna trust
with them herbals, I'm givin them fools verbalicitions
Can this Geto Boy get high off this killer here in Texas?
(Your eyes are blood shot) You blood clat~!
I love pot, I smoke up all that kill it
I took yo' spot and won't stop, but umm
Why ask why do I get high
When I get high when I'm done I just come back and I get high

[Chorus] - repeat 4X

No motherfuckin joke