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Artist: Bushwick Bill f/ BBA, Q-Dog
Album:  No Surrender... No Retreat
Song:   SA Fools
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*phones and beepers going off repeatedly*}

Strictly hustlin, call it 24/7
365 days in a year, so it's forever
Pushin blow up, from hard ass, to motherfuckin rock
It's them hollow way hustle get them fools on the block
And the road, like stainless steel
Get it up with Q-Dog and that Bushwick Bill
Commence to pushin it, because I'm on my grind
I'm a white color hustler hittin harder than flatlines

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I/we started small time, dope game, cocaine
Pushin weight undercover, we never broke mayne

[Bushwick Bill]
See I was born in the ghetto, straight strugglin
So fuck a job, me and my niggaz straight smugglin
I know you heard me with the Geto Boys, my "Mind Played Tricks"
But you didn't know about the quarter ki's and out of state licks
I made a million point five, by transportin
and then destroyin the evidence, now I pass {?} different states
Me and my niggaz made a rival truce
Rise survive and stay alive, Q-Dog will put in shit we do

Well I got to keep my scrilla sittin on fat
Cheese and cheddar, just like that
Briefcase full of Benjamins
On my way to 2-1-3 to front these niggaz some ki's

Now the ki's been fronted, the diggy dealers stay blunted
Fuckin around with my scrilla like a {?} on my hundred
Gotta get them ends bitch, I'm all about my paper
From dollars to cents, to million dollar capers

Pushin it, Mr. Pushin It any day and time
Never known a killer be puttin it down
Drug busts got whitey puttin it back on the street
Dopefiends got me hotter than the neighborhood freak

[Chorus] - 1/2

Breakin it down to 36
Divide it right 16-5 fool it use the same type
Gettin ten at a time, pushin it state to state
The duffle works together, that's how we communicate
Quarters to ounces, real G's of South
We get that AK, and put that pistol in your mouth
It's the darkest time of night, we hustle for quick cash
And if you buck a fool I gotta blast that ass

So hit me on the beep, or my cellular phone
with a drop-off point, so once again it's on
The transaction takes place, in the back of the lot
Switchin cars cause we some stars, the base is that hot
Undercover low key, with hidden away houses
With M-60's for you crumb, snatchin ass mouses
Be cautioned, you gots to pay a fee
wit'cha life or your money fuckin around with a O.G.


[Bushwick Bill]
SA, South Acres in the house
Hehe, Dollaz N Sense, rule the world