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Artist: Bushwick Bill
Album:  No Surrender... No Retreat
Song:   P. Funk
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Let me say what I'ma say
Ay, I got my nigga Piano Man in the house right?
Ron Wilson out there on the bass right?
We got Beatology in here (right Dollaz N Sense)
Yeah my brother Chris (that's right)
We got Tony Rankin
Aiyyo Black 'n Bac Doe, but heh peep this

[Bushwick Bill]
I can not live my life sweatin a bitch
I got no time for hoes, man I'm tryin to get rich
Cause some of you niggaz don't think the same
You payin these hoes, fuckin up the game
Especially you motherfuckers talkin that shit
About how you had that hoe suckin yo' dick
Now tell 'em that you bought that bitch five outfits
Went and got her nails done and her hair fixed
Once had a bitch who asked Bill for some cash
Made that bitch get out my ride then I mashed on the gas
Left that hoe on I-10 a long way from home
Quick to tell that bitch to get her funky ass on
Then I heard this nigga say he love to fuck
But every time I see him he be catchin the bus
Man it couldn't be me, I can't see how you do it
Got a booty call, I can't even get to it
Niggaz need to recognize it's all about your paper
Get your money first and these hoes'll come later

Now if you wanna be my honey (bitch say what?)
Bitch you gotta have some money (that's right)
Hoe don't be askin me for nothin (NOTHIN~!)
Just because we fuckin (just because we fuckin)
You can swear that you love me (swear that you love me hoe)
But that shit never playin me (never playin me)
Because your pussy makes me funky
But that money makes me cum

[Bushwick Bill]
It goes 1 for the money, 2 is not for show
3 to get the juice, 4 to fuck a hoe
Cause a bitch'll break a nigga down to the last cent
Takin care of the hoe, payin the bitch rent
I can't understand how niggaz break they back all week
Then turn around and give that whole check to the freak
Youse a buster, a sucker, a stupid motherfucker
Pussy-whipped, hand-picked old cake ass nigga
You leave it up to me and I'll break you hoes
Because rats are out for cheese so I chase these hoes
I make money first priority cause money is authority
Hoes a majority but I make 'em a minority
Bitches ain't shit man, they come a dime a dozen
Tellin this to my partner cause his hoe fucked his cousin
Now he walk around with his mouth pokin out
Threaten to kill himself, put the Glock to his mouth
What he need to know is that he's just another victim
of a stinky cunt hoe, that he let pussy whip him
Need to be concerned about that motherfuckin cash
Cause money makes the world go around that ass

[Chorus] w/ ad libbing

[Bushwick Bill]
Now if it don't make Dollaz, it don't make Sense
And why you callin the house if you can't pay my rent?
Money gets spent, you hoes get none
Pussy make me funky as hell but that paper make me cum
Can you HAVE SOME~?! Baby girl what you got for daddy?
Roll down my window, throw that stack in the Caddy
Get your mind right - you wanna be down with me?
Let me see you break a trick, make me a million
And around this world we can roll
In the condo with Benjamin Franklins I can't count no mo'
I doubt that any hoe could have me trippin and sprung
if she give beautiful head or worked a wonderful tongue
Bushwick ain't the one remember who's nuts you ate
Don't ever get fly cause I got the whole shit on tape
Fuck with me, bitch I told you get none
Cause your pussy make me funky and that money make me cum hoe

[Chorus] w/ more ad libs

I ain't dumb