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Artist: (Bushwick Bill f/) Kaos, Kyhil
Album:  No Surrender... No Retreat
Song:   Kaos Cidity
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I was kickin it with this nigga that was a dealer, but that ain't shit
Niggaz up in the game nowadays be tryin to play me like tricks
But I can't see it, a nigga like me won't have it
And bein the bitch I am a bitch like me you best believe I, grab it
and get what's mine, a bitch like me gon' get my cheese
So tell yo' nigga if he's creepin better look out for me
Cause I be fuckin wit'chall niggaz, makin them give up them ducats
And tell my nigga if he's trippin I got his vest so FUCK IT~!
Cause everybody is a hustler in this, game
Dealers deal that shit, wise bitches try to - stay paid
It ain't no secret when them niggaz say they want me jack
Cause I be bawlin in the streets just like a fetus on crack
And no my hustle never stops, fuck naw!
Cause if it did then I just MIGHT be the next to fall off
But it ain't like that, a bitch that, always goin for broke
And hangin with these big ballin niggaz that LOVE to choke
I gotta smoke on it, so where's that killer choke?
You know I'm ready to get that nigga that said he wants me broke
Because they hate to see me ballin; but yet and still
them niggaz and bitches be peepin my game and wanna see me fallin

[Chorus: Kyhil] + (Kaos)
It ain't no way that love gon' make me fall (fuck that)
It ain't no way that love gon' clock my grip (fuck that)
It ain't no way that I'm gon' be no trick (fuck that)
It ain't no way that love gon' catch me slippin
(Peep a bitch with straight aggravated game)
(A high powered hoe, a high saditty bitch mack mo')
(Peep a bitch with straight aggravated game)
(A high powered hoe, a high saditty bitch mack mo')

Pay and tell about the game is what they said they heard a nigga say
While I'm calling it at my crib, with yo' shorty sippin Alize
You all up in my biz, better get yo' own shit trick
And all you niggaz that's focused on me better focus upon yo' grip
Cause I ain't tryin to trip, just stay up in this game
Just doin the best thing that I know a nigga cain't
My nigga caught a case, but ballers can't be beat
Versace down, now you know they want you off these streets
Them ants are at my house, a niggaz can't even get no, Z's
And all the rumors goin around about a bitch like me
Cause I'm a hustler, and hustlers gotta stay down fool
So how the fuck you think that you can even do what I do?
Cause in this game you be out for self
You get yo' ends, get yo' paper, get yo' ducats, fuck it get yo' wealth
Talkin about, lettin them little females take the bullet
Bitch you got me fucked up, cause them the 20 years, YOU'LL be pushin
Being that I know and catch a L I yells outrageous
The things, that I do, to make these niggaz go insane
Who's to play, stealin my day phone with piece of chain
These niggaz still poppin shit and ain't a damn thing changed
So let me be that motherfuckin G, that I must be
I told you that they didn't give a fuck about me
Momma couldn't handle me that's why I became a bad bitch
I'm street raised up, told you that in the beginning trick
And get my serve on with these niggaz; and if he's ballin
harder than mine you better believe that I'm gon' chase them digits
Because I'm all about the paper G
I'm far from broke up in this bitch, to get rich I'll even save {?}