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Artist: Bushwick Bill
Album:  No Surrender... No Retreat
Song:   All D. Freeman
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I got a lot of potnahs like that that's confused
Y'know the kind that uh, that...
Intimidated by women who make more money than them
That's right man~! I got a potnah
who DON'T want a woman make more money than him; he talk about
"Man I don't want no woman make more money than me!
 Hell you got a woman make more money than you
 she start tellin you what to do! Do this, do that
 All the God damn time, do this man
 Like Oprah Winfrey, I wouldn't fuck with the fat bitch
 Hell naw, cause she got fo' hundred million dollars
 She be tellin you what to do"
I'm goin wait a minute, homey stupid!
Now last year you made, FO' THOUSAND DOLLARS totally
and yo' woman make fo' hundred million
If I had that kind of deal, she wouldn't have to tell me what to do!
I'll be doin that shit fo' she even ask!
She'll be talkin 'bout "Eh-heh! How you know I wanted my feet massage?"
I got you boo, you my boo
"Alright, alright, arr-arr-alright, alright, well well
 Well she make more money than you, okay
 But they a bitch! Cain't stand no bitch, no I cain't stand me
 Oh hell nah I want no shit talkin bitch!"
That's what I WANT, man
I want me a hoodrat, run down the street
Barefooted, card-carryin
Do the Ali shuffle, oxtails
White beans and rice eatin bitch!
Cause one thing about a woman like that man
She always got your back