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Artist: Bushwick Bill
Album:  Little Big Man
Song:   Take 'Em Off
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Bushwick Bill]
I like a bitch with a motherfuckin big ass
The kind you bounce on and end up with a whiplash
When it's bent over Bushwick Bill is in quick fast
Makin that, nasty noise, somethin like splish splash
Get another jimmy, and then I'll work it real fast
As you can see, I handle hoes like a dish rag
I never liked to kiss a bitch, rather lie and diss a bitch
Boo I got the flu, but if you wanna kiss a dick
say that then, come down and see the special man
I'll be waitin with my king-size dick in hand
Come through my window, ass first
I'ma let you have it, I'm gonna grab it, I'm gonna stab it
Like a rabbit I'm drivin that fuckin pole
Turn you around and I'm inside that suction hole
Back and forth in the hotel, if we on the back road
in the backseat, bitch off wit'cha clothes
Bitch you just let those high heels fly
Off came the shirt, I felt my dick get hard
Because a so-called broad, fits her tits like a wristband
Pulled down my pants, it's time to let the dick stand
I'ma play the hit man, you can play the victim
Make the skirt drop bitch, take the wristband with 'em
Now we at the good part, before my dick gets soft
I wanna hit the gluttimus, uterus, bitch take 'em off

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Take 'em off, take 'em off
Take your motherfuckin drawers off, bitch!
Take 'em off, take 'em off
Take your motherfuckin drawers off, bitch!

[unlisted guest]
7th Ward niggaz come with two hardheads
One called a dome, one at my {?} edge
Keep in my pants but when you dance like dat
You make my second hard head need a hi-hat
Because now it's at full extension
With one eye open, lookin for a trench
When influenced with my 40 and my mally oh lordy
I'm goin after every pussy poppin in the party
Now you can be fat, fine, ugly or skinny
Just take your motherfuckin drawers off, bitch gimme
(Where they at?  Where they at?  Where they at?  Where they at?)
Put your booty in the air bitch, I'ma make it clap
(Where they at?  Where they at?  Where they at?  Where they at?)
Spread your legs wide open, bitch I'ma break your back
Don't tell me you a virgin, bitch I ain'tcha fuckin dummy
Cause if I give you money you'll be fuckin like a bunny
But sorry ol' honey ain't sweet enough for these dollars
So put your chapstick on and hit your knees, swallow
And then I'ma make you holla when I hit the back fender
Shake it up, shake it up like a shake in the blender
So if you want that salad tossed
Make it happen you big booty bitch take your motherfuckin drawers off


[Bushwick Bill]
Ahhhh, yeah that's right
Ask the king Lil' James, Big Chief and ol' Bido One
We don't go for the okey-doke
I Rap-A-Lot since I was a tot
So take 'em off you big booty skanless bitch