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Artist: Burning Star f/ Black Eyed Peas
Album:  Burning Star
Song:   On My Own
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On my own, I've got to do it all alone
so I could be a better me, cuz I'm my only enemy (2)

[Verse 1]
I awake everyday out of desperation
wipe my eyes, wipe my brow cuz of perspiration
cold sweat, you could bet I got some shit upon my mind
and what it is, square biz, man, really can't define...

well..sorta..kinda..I mean
its really kinda hard, when deciphering a Dream
or should I say Vision, it got me off position
in my Ways and Actions, there's no precision
not to mention, haven't left my house in 2 weeks
I've cooked, but haven't cleaned, and the apartment probably reeks
But could careless about my personal hygiene
the problems that I facin' got me stressin' like a high beam
I'm a house trapped man with a paranoid mind
I know my house is Safe, but still Peace is hard to find
and every damn time, I look out my window
somebody's looking, and I know it ain't the Indo
that I'm smoking, yeah the chariots got to swing low
and come and save me from myself
Fuck my bloody wealth, I want my Mental health
I grab my gun from off the shelf, I shoot 2 shots into the mirror
so I could see a little clearer
cuz the man inside the frame is drivin' me insane
its not the government that's runnin' shit
I'm the One to blame...
I'm the ( ? ), the Self controller
I Self Lord And Master, but I can't seem to master my mind...

On my own, I've got to do it all alone
so I could be a better me, cuz I'm my only enemy (2)

[Verse 2]
I'm one of the One, yet, One of a Million
in Digital plus Original Form
born one hand a Sword, one hand a Mic to Love Right
I shine like a lamp in a dark room turned bright
so stop, Rewind, you might slip through your Time
your moment has passed and gone
now you're last in the line
You find that you're Lost, and true Love really does cost
but that you never had enough cuz money wasn't the Source
I want the World so I could give it right back to the One
I want my Freedom so I could give my Life back to my Sons
I pray to Jah for the best, prepare myself for the worst
I share my Love when I'm blessed, and pass my Test when I'm cursed
and my mind...

I keep it sharp and exact, I got to know my every move
and my foe's plan of Attack
and my Soul...

Sometimes it slips through my Hold
It's like one minute I'm King, and next I'm ready to fold
Well as for you, well that's something that's only for you
And hopefully my rhymes pass on a Lesson or two
Cuz I'm here to break Truth, speak loud for the Youth
take our Word to the street, build from Root to the Fruit
and we'll never fall off, yo we'll never turn soft
And we're screamin' Revolution from L.A. to New York
and it's like that, and it ain't gonna stop
the Star will burn Fire till we all go drop

On my own, I've got to do it all alone
so I could be a better me, cuz I'm my only enemy