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Artist: Bun B f/ Big K.R.I.T., Run the Jewels
Album:  Return of the Trill
Song:   Myself
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Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo
Whoo whoo whoo
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Killer Mike]
Had a dream I was still 16
but still me when I seen myself (myself)
I was so bull-headed down the road I was headed
Had to slow down and walk with myself (myself)
Had to talk to myself, argue and fought myself
Yeah, I had told myself
The road never stroll down here
And I told me, shit, I'ma keep it G
You lookin aight, Big Mike
Big money, big car, big house, big booty wife
Shit, nigga that's yo' life
That's yo' car, yo' house, yo' wife
I'm just sayin, you could have that
without the strife of the life that a nigga endured
You ain't gotta drop outta college
and watch your grandmama ask the law, "Lord, why did he do it?"
You ain't gotta make love to the girl you don't really love
Y'all have a baby and go through it
What's really so bad, the game that I'm givin is golden
cause it was gotten straight from dad
"Did you listen to him, Mike?" Wish I had
It's my life, it ain't that bad (yeah)
Keep this conversation locked in your head
Put you first, stack yo' bread (yo' bread)

[Chorus: Big K.R.I.T.]
I got to make these moves, I got to pay my dues, I got to take care of mine
and mine and mine and mine alone, and all the folk that need me to be strong
I got to hold my own, I got to right my wrongs, I got to let God steer
I got to check myself, I got to help myself to live
I got to make these moves, I got to pay my dues (my dues, my dues)
I got to hold my own, I got to right my wrongs (my wrongs, my wrongs)
I got to make these moves, I got to pay my dues (my dues, my dues)
I got to hold my own, I got to right my wrongs
Protect myself

[Bun B]
Now who woulda thought
that a nigga woulda made it to a penthouse (made it to a penthouse)
Man I been thinkin 'bout
when Pimp came home went straight to the Bent Lot (straight to the Bent Lot)
Now that's a long way
from a pot on the stove with the gram (gram)
But when I was comin up
all I had in the pot was some Ramen noodles and Spam
And I was like damn, and this is some bullshit
I don't want to live like this
I just want a chain that rains and nice wrists
Why the hell I can't have me some nice shit?
But instead of complainin, I started aimin higher
My passion matched my desire
Now I just spit out that fire and never get tired
You can put that on a choir
Yeah man I got me suppliers and made some mistakes
But guess what? That shit don't define me (define me)
That's why you find me grindin
from the '90s until I'm in my nineties (nineties)
Shinin, no need to rewind me
Said it before and they scared to repeat it ('peat it)
I came to give the people game they needed
until my life is depleted (life is depleted)
Your life is a bitch and it's best to be mindful
of how you gon' treat it (how you gon' treat it)
Cause if you catch a case with the Devil
My nigga I'm down for your beatin (I'm down for your beatin)
Can't get away from the choices you make
and the way you behavin (the way you behavin)
So don't be surprised when the throne that you sit in
is startin to cave in


Ay, I got a foot trapped in quicksand (ay)
I got a hand stuck in blender (ay)
Walk with a heart that been bruised up
Still got a couple beats left in
What a surprise, I'm not dead yet
Got a couple of friends that can't claim that
They throwin the bones that got 1-1
Eyes of the State, no fun fun
Woke up in the dawn alone, the mood hung there yawnin
I don't see calm that often
Lit the stick in her hair with no cough
I'm walkin the Earth again, better get poppin
Check the old gold watch, I ride often
It don't mean much but it's mine, I copped it
Have it on my wrist 'til my heart starts stoppin
Good to remind, then I'm lyin inside coffin
I don't advise, who am I to act wise?
Nine out of ten times the swine had arised
So I lie, it ain't A-OK
Ay, you get nine bucks, they want eight
Tryna chase you and parade around maze
Try to remind yourself, they will pay
You don't got shit, take a bit of mind games
Stick around, maybe bring on pain to these lames