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Artist: Buddha Monk
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk
Song:   Why Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

*two minutes of talking*

[Buddha Monk]
Have you ever been, picked on, pushed on, spat at
Walked over, left for dead by ya so called friends you broke bread wit
Have you ever been, paid to be a liar, when the liar was him
But they believed in him, cuz he always hold the truth and a lie can't bury
Have you ever been, wit a gun to ya chin, cuz they think you was him
One wrong move and you get it, as if you were him
Have you ever been, hated by her, want a baby by her
When she got her ass stuck up about getting in Rob's car
Have you ever been, left out, it's his game, his rules
His house, you don't like it, you can get the fuck out too
Have you ever been, one parent, the other never caring
Sharing drugs, needles, niggas in welfare planning
Have you ever been, want to experience these things like I did
Stay strong, make music, turn out to be a good kid
Have you ever been, tired of being whoever been, take matters
Into your own hands, and get rid of whoever been we'll I've been

[Chorus: Buddha Monk]
I paid my dues, served my country too, God
All I got was a pat on the back, and when all is done, "ah who are you?" why me
It hurts to sleep in the streets, protecting the streets
But if one thing goes wrong, you don't love it in the land I need, why me
Can't be the person who just do little and sharing welfare
With other people who never been, why me
Can't be the person to tell a Mr. Deed
I'm the first to think of it, so uh, why not me, why me

[Buddha Monk]
Why is it that, never more and we meet the fall
Judge and jury wanna hang us from the balls and throw us behind walls
Why is it that, I was a mistake, the other kids you wanted to make
Gave them dreams of being great, gave me a feeling, I want you hate
Why is it that, your button is red, my button is dead
I have no choice but shut the fuck up and be aware
Why is it that, we can go over there and fuck with him
I guess that's why they came over here and fucked with the twins
Why is it that, black on black is it the crack you pack, the gats you pack
But you live on the same corner, but he can't eat where you eat at?
Why is it that, shit it gotta be like that, you got once more
Part of this far place, and there's no way I can live where you live at
Why is it that, I don't know why it's like that, but I'm kinda glad
It's like that, they having sex wit they cousins, grandmas and the boy's best friend
Why is it that, I'm smiling cuz I'm not like them, pray for them
Pray for they sickening and make sure I don't turn out to be like that