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Artist: Buddha Monk
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk
Song:   Slave
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Buddha Monk]
Two thousand and three, and I'm still a slave
Trapped in a world where you're slaved to get paid
What happened to the thought that we shall overcome?
When the police is clapping atcha and you don't have a gun
You still picking up cotton? The machine helps the day
Stand in front of the bus but you still got to pay
Cross at the green and not in between
Smoke outside and not inside where people seeing it
We innocent people, dying for this war
We don't have the land, Lord do I deploy for the war?
Yet I stay chained to the floor
You take the air, safe from it all
Alot of you use religion to take dollars from the poor
United Negro College Funds and a whole lot more
Pay the cost to the other side, do ya taxes
At the end of the year for making it right?
I see no change with Rosa Parks on it
Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King on it
I might as well stayed at the back of the bus
Why, cuz still at the front, a slave is what they want
Yet, I drive through the valley of the shadow of the devils
Suburbans with the twins on it, they still got to handle
And so I scramble to be a street pharmacist
Without the man handcuffed to me, I'm still a slave

[Chorus 3X: Buddha Monk]
Way down beyonder, I'm going
Way down beyonder, I'm going

[Buddha Monk]
They locked us up when we try to discipline our kids
But we gave 'em birth, what the F is this?
Triple x's all around me
I ain't skin off my head, walking round, saying 'kill the white meat'
What's this shit? We all look alike?
We all think alike, so we all get it right?
Whether you got Guess on, you still a slave
Whether you got Gucci on, you still a slave
Whether you got Jordans on, you still a slave
Whether you wearing contacts, you still a slave
You ain't got President's Day
You ain't got the day of the unknown hooded soldiers
You got my fellow Americans, shoot to kill
If one person don't listen, just finish him
I ain't got no panic buttons
Semi automatics with the infereds on 'em
Nor do I have Federal Bureau Investigations
For killing once, a damn good nation
Let me not speak so close to those
Cuz close to those, will get my death ten folds
So I slay on my live long days
And pray my children don't live this way
Yet I'm still a slave, trapped in the world of a slave
I'm still a slave

[Chorus 2X]