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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Soundrome
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk
Song:   Hip Hop Movement
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Soundrome... Buddha Monk, huh?
Wu-Tang... Brooklyn Zu
This is hip hop in the making

[Chorus 2X: Buddha Monk]
When I say hip hop, ya'll say movement
When I say bullshit, ya'll say new music
Hip hop, movement, bullshit, new music
The shit's gotta change, bring the hip hop back, man

[Buddha Monk]
The game is fucked up, it ain't hip hop
You get two dollars for ya hard work, huh?
Shame on you, they play game on you
Back in the days you get shot for fucking wit the hip hop
There was, power in the message, DJ backspinning
Breakdancing, gold chains, Hail Mary medallions
I missed the truth, the bombdibomb
Diggy, diggy, dang, the dang, punk skilly skilly hip hop
Man, now it's rapid change, diamond rings
Chicks giving head in the back of the Range
The sex game's giving hip hop, what? A bad name
Young ones on the street, selling cocaine
Rappers lost it, we're the cause of it
We getting stamps, for we let that bullshit born
We sit around, letting the days go by
Cake go by, and didn't say a word about, why, tell me?

[Chorus 2X]